When couples reveal that they’ve waited until marriage to have sex, I always wonder the obvious: what if the sex is bad and you’re stuck? Nick Cannon answered that question during an interview with Howard Stern, saying: “It was Mariah Carey. If Mariah Carey gave a bad blowjob, I didn’t care. In my mind, I’m with it. Either way its one of the most beautiful women that ever walked the planet.”

I applaud Nick and Mariah for holding out during the two months of dating before they got married, but I don’t know if I could be that strong and disciplined. And I don’t think waiting for marriage is always the wisest choice.

There should be a “test run” during the dating period where you determine if your potential spouse has the skills to keep you physically satisfied or at least the willingness to learn. It’s important to establish that before you seal the deal.

Nick Cannon says he didn’t care whether Mariah gave “bad blowjob[s]” or not, but physical compatibility is an important part of any relationship. When the physical aspect of your union is non-existent while you’re dating, there’s a chance that it falls short of your expectations after you’ve committed. And that’s a risk I’m just not willing to take.

What are your thoughts on waiting until marriage to have sex, Clutchettes? Would you? Could you stay with your spouse even if he/she turned out to be bad in bed?

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  • jersey1

    If we wait for GOD to send us the spouse that HE has created specially for us, we will not have to worry about that person’s sexual performance, because GOD will make them everything we NEED and WANT. You see HE knows us better than we know ourselves (indeed HE knows the number of the hairs on our heads). God makes no mistakes! I may need to doubt the world but I can ALWAYS trust the one who loves, created, and saved me!

  • Tanya

    Honestly I am so happy they shared their story so many people do not believe its possible. Especially with people saying they are going to stay pure and then not doing it. We seem to hear about those a lot. Which I am not in anyway saying those people are wrong they made their own choice. However it is getting ridiculous with all these “teenage shows” where they show everyone or almost everyone having sex. They should show that some people who want to wait till marriage or till whatever actually do and that facts are not all teenagers are having sex. I think this puts pressure on our youth. I am not saying to teach only abstinence its important to teach safe sex as well but come on lets not say “hey everyone is doing it.” Even on the commercials they say teenage pregnancy is 100% preventable and my knowledge tells me that is basically only abstinence but that is not mentioned. How many young people or even adults give in because they feel pressured not even by the other person but by their friends and society? Anyway back to what I was saying I applaud them for sharing their story, and people have the right to make their own choices whether they choose to wait or not

  • Nic

    Nick Cannon talks too much.
    Also color me unimpressed when you wait to have sex b/c you get married 15 minutes after you meet. It reminds me of the people who say that but get married at 18. Big whoop.
    I would hope non-married people would vet people for a couple of months and be in a committed relationship before they sleep together but the number of fatherless children running around shows that is not the case.
    What is more impressive is that considering how quickly they jumped into marriage, they still seem very happy together. It will be interesting if this turns out to be a long term marriage b/c there is no way they knew each other very well when they got married.
    And let’s not be crazy. I know no one believes either of them was otherwise celibate before they met. And he had another fiance like 10 seconds before he married her too.
    What is with people who get engaged to a bunch of people?

  • Physical compatibility is NOT the most important thing in a marriage. Marriage is about respect and love and sticking together through thick and thin, not about blow jobs. If your criteria for building a life with someone is based on how good they are in bed, then you are simply a shallow, unenlightened person. It’s like saying you’re in the marriage for maybe 6 months tops and if you’re not satisfied in bed, you’re off like a prom dress. The reality is, you have the rest of your marriage to perfect the awesome moves.