With the 2012 elections behind us folks are already looking ahead to the midterm elections in 2014 and the presidential election in 2016. While pollsters try to figure out if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a shoe-in for the Democratic nod and which upstart Republican can head the ticket next time, others are urging First Lady Michelle Obama to toss her had into the ring.

A recent Illinois poll found that First Lady Obama was favored among voters in the prairie state to their current senator, Republican Mark Kirk. The survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that Mrs. Obama would beat Sen. Kirk in a head to head matchup by 51 to 40 percent.

Despite Mrs. Obama’s popularity and calls by Rep. James Clyburn to run for office, she has repeatedly said she is not interested in politics. Mrs. Obama once said she did not have the “patience” to deal with Washington’s partisan fights, and an “unofficial” top White House official told the Daily Beast Mrs. Obama doesn’t have the “temperament” for politics.

“Michelle Obama doesn’t have the temperament for the constant b.s. that goes on in D.C.,” the unnamed official said. “She watched her husband fight fights that he shouldn’t have to. She’s seen the ugly side of Washington up close and personal and has no interest in dealing with that firsthand. I think she knows there are other ways to impact the system from the outside in. She’ll find those, but it won’t be through public office. That’s not who she is.”

In spite of her repeated denials, many are hoping Mrs. Obama changes her mind about her political future. With her popularity soaring, she’d be a formidable challenger for any office in the country.

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