Stacey Dash makes headlines more for her political leanings than her acting career these days. After the actress walked away from her lead role on VH1’s “Single Ladies” amid a flurry of rumors, she publicly endorsed the Romney/Ryan campaign on social media. Her support for the Republican candidates drew a firestorm of criticism from fans and actors alike and Dash felt compelled to write a letter defending her vote. Many wondered why Dash publicly endorsed a candidate with a photo shoot, especially since she had no projects to promote at the time.

The media circus may very well have been a strategy on Dash’s part to keep her name in the news and to ultimately promote her new web series, “Stacey Dash Is Normal.” The Clueless star is the co-creator and writer for the scripted series, which has no formal release date as of yet.

The show’s title is ironic as Dash’s “character” couldn’t be further from normal. She is dramatic, needy, delusional and unstable; and must visit a therapist to get her life in order.

Watch the trailer below:

Are you checking for “Stacey Dash Is Normal,” Clutchettes?

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