How do you see yourself?

“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway. ” – Mary Kay Ash

Recently, my son and I had a movie marathon. Typically, when he watches Netflix, I sort of zone out while he tunes into endless episodes of “Dinosaur Train,” but this time we watched about four movies together (and it was fun!).

While I’m not a huge fan of children’s films, I ended up being thoroughly entertained by The Tale of Despereaux.

If you haven’t seen it, the film is about a very tiny mouse who doesn’t act like other mice: He isn’t afraid of cats, or people, or any of the other things his peers are afraid of, and he thinks extremely highly of himself.

As a matter of fact, he thinks he is a noble gentleman capable of heroic feats and even goes on a quest to save the world.

At one point in the film, Despereaux’s parents are exasperated because the young mouse is very unique and they want him to be like everyone else: scared out of his little mouse mind.

While I watched Despereaux overcome even the toughest obstacles, I was reminded, once again, that our circumstances don’t define who we are, but how we see ourselves most certainly do.

Too often we get trapped in our own negative story. Perhaps we beat our self up for past mistakes, or maybe we’re so unsure of our abilities that we constantly think we aren’t good enough, smart enough, or capable enough to handle anything thrown our way.

Not too long ago, one of the ladies in my #GOALdiggers Project Facebook group shared that she had been offered an amazing opportunity, but she was unsure of taking it. Why? She didn’t know if she was good enough.

How often have you felt like this? How often have you discounted your intelligence, or skills, or value simply because you doubted yourself?

For many of us, the answer is way too often.

Instead of being like Despereaux and believing wholeheartedly that we’re greater than our challenges, most of us spend nearly every waking moment talking down to ourselves.

We say, “Why are you so stupid?” or “Why do you talk so much?” or “Why can’t you just get it right?” or “What’s wrong with you?”

These negative scripts not only wreak havoc on our psyches, but they limit our ability to attract positive things into our lives.

So instead of constantly telling yourself how wrong everything is and how unequipped you are to deal with it, be like Despereaux.

Be great. In spite of it all.


*This article was adapted from my weekly inspirational newsletter

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  • Thank you for this! Very inspiring.

  • I needed to read this. #powerful

  • As I pack my suitcases to fly away to a state in which I’ve never lived, for an amazing career opportunity I so needed this!!!!!!! My flight leaves in a few hours, however after it lands…. I’m going do things differently and continue to soar into my greatness. For too long I’ve dodged fear and self doubt– in each case I overcame, yet somehow always attributed the victory to some other factor… missing that what I felt I lacked was really more than enough. As this year closes, I will open my heart and mind to the greatness that is fearless unabounded growth. Effect fear. Victory is here!!!

  • Trinity

    We need more inspirational stories and encouraging words in our lives. “Thank you” for sharing. I have the perfect person in mind to share this one with. :)