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We’ve been hearing about it for months but tonight Kevin Hart’s latest project, Real Husbands of Hollywood, finally makes its debut tonight on BET.

What can we expect?

While it’s not a spoof show, the comedy which was inspired by Hart’s 2011 BET Awards show skit-turned-series will mock fun at the ever popular, all-female reality shows that have taken over.

“I’m a genius so I came up with this idea to do a show within a show,” Hart told The Insider. “Everybody watches [reality shows] and we all gossip about it. So I said, why don’t I put a group of men together that can be a version of what those women are but in a comedic form?”

Fair enough.

All playing “versions” of themselves, the cast includes Hart, Nick Cannon, Robin Thicke, J.B. Smoove, Nelly, Boris Kodjoe and Duane Martin. Fun ensues when the guys crack jokes about …well, being husbands and living in Hollywood. For the record,

With the Los Angeles Times calling the show a “(mostly) black Curb Your Enthusiasm (indeed, Curb executive producer Tim Gibbons is an executive producer of RHH as well), there seems to be a pretty hefty amount of anticipation for the show.

Will you watch?

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  • Rue

    If it’s on Netflix, i may. (I don’t have a TV *welps*)

  • Joy

    Yes. Love it. Funny as H. I love humor. So much negativity in the world today, so something that makes us laugh is a welcome relief

  • mikey kun

    Would like to but I don’t really watch BET and I don’t find Kevin Hart funny

    • random but love your pic! I really wanted Zack Morris and Lisa Turtle to be an

  • Apple

    I liked it. The women they cast trying too hard to be ghetto ?? It’s weird like obvious but I like when robin showed up and Kevin was jealous !