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Beyoncé father Mathew Knowles played a major role in her rise to superstardom. From the success of Destiny’s Child to multiplatinum-selling solo albums, her father and former manager was always by her side. He was even the motivation behind her song “Daddy,” the last track on her debut solo album Dangerously in Love.

Ironically, Mathew Knowles is now giving bad press to the career that he helped build. According to TMZ, Knowles is currently caught up in a bitter child support battle with his former mistress and mother of his 2-year-old son, Alexsandra Wright.

Wright has filed legal documents asking the family court to increase her $12,000 a month child support to cover private school and security expenses. She claims she needs security because Knowles sent her a threatening email saying, “You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay.”

Beyoncé mother Tina Knowles filed for divorce from her husband of 31 years after she found out about the love child in 2011. That same year, Beyoncé parted ways with her father on a business level and revealed the he will no longer be her manager.

According to reports, Knowles does pay his child support but has neglected to pay school expenses because they have yet to agree on a private school. He feels Wright’s legal move will backfire because his income has drastically decreased since he and Beyoncé parted ways.

What do you think of Mathew Knowles’s baby mama drama? Should he find a chair and sit down?

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  • Mr. Man

    Is his statement being taken out of context?
    How does he figure SHE hurt his family…They both hurt his family equally.
    Yes he can take a seat with statement.

  • Anthony

    No sympathy on my end at all. This man is an old and grown grandfather, yet he let himself get caught up in baby momma drama like a twenty year old! He might have been played by the mother, but I doubt if she had to tie him up and drug him while she jumped on his penis either.

  • *kmt* To paraphrase what Anthony said, Mr. Knowles is a grown man with two grown children from his marriage. He more than knows how babies get made and where they come from, and that child shouldn’t have to pay for his parents’ immaturity. If what he said is true, the he needs to have a seat indeed. She wouldn’t have ‘wrecked his family’ if he didn’t get her a lot of help in that department.

    The only one I feel sorry for in this mess is the little boy.

  • Jaslene

    So, she is seeking an increase in child support for security expenses from the very man that she is needing extra security from. That makes no damn sense. Also why the hell does that child need to go to private school. I need her to sit down somewhere. She sounds like a damn fool.

    • Chelley5483

      Yes Jaslene.. I asked myself the same question. She needs more than the $12k she’s already getting for private school and security from the direct source of the original $12k!!!?! Sounds like an opportunist to me. Laid on her back and now receives a six figure ‘salary’ for the next 18 years. Child care is expensive, yes, but it DOES NOT cost $144,000 per year to provide one child a happy/healthy environment. Should be ashamed, using that child as a pawn.