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Since the December 4th shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn., there has been much debate about gun laws in America and advocates on both sides of the issue have had difficulty implementing a comprehensive plan to curb gun violence.

In a recent article by Jarrett L. Carter, the founding editor of HBCUDigest.com, he advises the nation to take its cues from Historically Black College and Universities, institutions that he describes as the “best equipped to offer more than condolences and passing reaction to gun violence.”

“While the nation seeks to peel back the layers on its latest unspeakable act of murder,” he wrote, “it is HBCU presidents and chancellors who should lead the discussion on how poverty, public health, racism, and broken education systems translate into an empowered culture of gun violence.”

The Presidents of Morehouse, Dillard and Morgan State University are among HBCU leaders who have signed the College Presidents for Gun Safety list. “They are signors on a plan that calls for stricter legislation on gun purchasing loopholes and firearms in classrooms, a ban on semi-automatic weapons, and new oversight on gun access and manufacturing,” Carter wrote.

While tragedies in communities like Newtown, Tucson and Blacksburg have brought gun violence to the national stage, Carter detailed how HBCUs have worked in the trenches for years to bring awareness to the social elements that cause this type of violence.

“HBCUs have dedicated curriculum and sponsored research for entrepreneurial development, secondary educational reform, domestic violence reduction, gang intervention and serving under-represented populations in mental and public health access,” he wrote. “Black college have long been the unseen, unheard advocacy institutions working to end the same blight in predominantly black metropolitan areas for generations.”

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