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I’ve never heard of a Shawty Lo until a few weeks ago, when my friend sent me a link about a new Oxygen Network series called, All My Babies’ Mamas. At first I shook my head in disbelief at the absurdity of yet another reality TV show. What else can these networks come up with? Within the next few hours, social media was all abuzz about this new show that chronicles this rapper and 10 baby mamas and their 11 kids.

People were vehemently against the show. By people, I mean black people, because you know, when we’re outraged about something we have to take it to the streets … by streets, I mean Twitter. And what’s the next thing people do when they want to ‘kill it and kill it dead’?

They start a petition on Change.org, to express just how much something sucks.

After the ‘outrage’ and a successful petition, Shawty Lo’s show which was still in its early stages of production, was subsequently cancelled.

But wait a minute.

Let’s talk about all of the other shows on Oxygen and similar networks that are just as bad.

There’s Bad Girls Club. I’ll be the first to say, there’s nothing like a good girl fight and getting to see women maul at each other, bust each other in the face and have drunken debacles, all while wearing bras and panties. But apparently that’s ok, but a man and his 10 baby mamas isn’t?

Where’s the petition to get shows of that ilk off the air?

Is it because the cast is typically multi-cultural, with black, white and the “ambiguous” types and they’re women? Because according to TV and Social Media, we all love to see women fighting on air, whether they’re black or white. We have Mob Wives, Basketball Wives LA & Miami, Real Housewives, and the list goes on.

I will say that Shawty Lo’s comments about why he has 50-11 kids is repulsive in itself, so don’t think I’m defending his actions, because I’m not. The rapper stated:

They wouldn’t have an abortion; they would take the money and run with it. Just so they can have a baby by the most poppin-est guy in the streets. So that’s how I had all them kids.

No, negro. That’s not how you had all of those kids. Your petri dish penis and the bacterial hide out vagina your semen inhabited without the use of a prophylactic is why you have all of those kids. Abortions are not a form of birth control.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest.

People seem to pick and choose what they want to protest. People also seem to have a whole lot of time on their hands.

Women clawing eyes out in their bras and panties? That’s Ok.

A man and his 10 baby mamas, with a show that would have probably put them off better financially? Not ok.

And need I forget to mention the unemployed writers and production staff that it takes to make a show? Like the world needs more unemployed people. Whatever happened to just changing the damn channel?

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  • IamKing

    You can’t make an argument that this show should because there are worse ones don’t petition. Bringing up things like Hypocrisy in the black community and him feeding his kids are all fallacy. If its wrong then its wrong point blank. You want to be a leader and be an example for the next generations stand up for what is right all the time. The other shows should be off too its not an argue that that show should be on because the other ones are. Stop comparing races or whatever stand for the truth sometimes thats MLK and the civil rights legacy is about , honor that.

    • SL

      I agree – just because other bad shows are still airing doesn’t mean this one should’ve been let to air.