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In an age when a reality show about a rapper’s ten babies mamas almost makes it on air, it’s great to hear from the perspective of a black man who values marriage and the traditional familial unit.

Laz Alonso spoke about his desire for children one day to Jet Magazine, saying:

“I want kids— just not out of wedlock… Because my father died when I was young, I’m extra cautious about not creating a single-parent home.”

His comment didn’t come off as a dig at single parent homes in my opinion, but rather an acknowledgment of his personal preference. It’s rare that you see black men in the media profess that they want to be married before having children and express their desire for a two-parent household.

Laz also opened up about relationships and being viewed as a “heartthrob”:

“I don’t take it too seriously because looks fade. We all are going to get older and that whole heartthrob label will go to someone else… Regardless of how you look, the way you make a person feel, that’s eternal […] When dating somebody, I like to see them laugh and make the times we spend together more fun than they could ever imagine.”

What do you think of Laz Alonso’s comments, Clutchettes?


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  • The Other Jess

    Now, my only question is why is everybody willing to understand that Laz Alonso is Black, an Afro-Latino, but can’t seem to wrap their heads around Zoe Saldana, who is the same? Very weird. Just had to pt that out there. Double standard, based on gender and jealousy I think.

    • Wanda

      I remember him from “Jumpin’ The Broom.” He was a straight black American (non-Latino) in that movie. Loretta Devine was his mother in it. Maybe that’s why?

    • HabibtiKhalisa

      How is that different from Zoe playing a black American woman in “Guess Who”, with Bernie Mac as her father?

  • lil ray

    because she ir dates that’s the real reason for their hate. heaven forbid a black woman dare to live her life the way she freely chooses to like everyone else.

  • Twigs

    A hit dog will holler.

  • Twigs

    ^^^The above was in response to anthony’s and liz’s comments on the first page.

  • nakita

    Laz alonso is a real man and i respect for being real.