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Love it or hate it, for many of us reality television is a guilty pleasure. Sure we complain about the image it represents and how violent it is, but when Chrissy tried to stomp Kimbella’s head through the floor and Evelyn jumped across that table on Jennifer, many of us were glued to our screens. That’s why when we actually get good reality shows that are about something it sucks when they get regulated to reality heaven after just one season.

Such is the tragic case of VH1’s Styled by June. Now I’m no fashionista by any means, but June Ambrose is fierce and I lived to tune in each week so see what miracles she would be performing. The fashion antics on her show were entertaining without going way overboard and it was nice to see a black woman on television handling her business instead of another woman’s head as she tried to rip out her 16-inch Remy from Lugo’s.

As I sit in shame each week glued to the latest installment of L&HH, cast with more rejects than the previous seasons, I can’t help but miss seeing June’s face each week. I can’t help but miss supporting quality programming. I think it’s time for June Ambrose to work some magic on herself and let the execs at VH1 know it’s time for Styled by June to make a comeback, and here’s three reasons why.

Fashion, Fashion, and More Fashion!

Like I said, I’m no fashionista, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what’s hot in the fashion streets. June Ambrose is known not just for properly styling our favorite celebs in the latest trends, but creating the hotness in the first place.

Watching June put outfits together for clients each week was like having her as your own personal stylist. From fab fabrics and stylish shoes to daring dresses and awesome accessories (umm, hello, how many of you wanted to own a Pop Phone after she used it on the show?!) June gave viewers a Fashion 101 class each week and in doing so changed drab closets everywhere!

The Assistants

I don’t know about you, but those assistants were a mess and I loved it. When Rachel dropped a pricey rack of clothes into a pile of poop on a NYC street, I felt her life being snatched away before June even heard about it. And who could forget Eli and all the shade he was throwing at anything and anyone moving!

They provided just the right amount of drama the show needed.

No it wasn’t as entertaining as bottles being thrown in posh restaurants, but it was still hilarious and I can’t wait to see their antics back on the air.

There Are Still Fashion Crimes Being Committed

One of the main reasons we need Styled by June back on the air is because there are still celebrities out there committing atrocious fashion crimes and they need to be saved! During the first season we say June revamp everyone from Jaleel White to Trina and Da Brat, but there are bigger fish to fry.

I wouldn’t mind seeing June save Kim Kardashian from the nightmare her closet has become ever since Kanye’s been giving her the soul pole. Or seeing her get a hold of the latest cast of Love & Hip-Hop because I swear if I see one more bandage dress I’m going to scream.

Maybe one episode she could style Mama Jones and Mama Dee…can’t you just envision the hilarity that would ensue?

What do you think, should Styled by June make a comeback? What other reality show are you missing?

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