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Well it looks like old folks have found another trend that can supposedly harm people who want to be fashionable. According to researchers, “skinny jeans” can temporarily pinch the nerves in your hips, causing a nerve disorder named meralgia paresthetica.

“The disorder that occurs when one of the nerves that runs in the outer part of the thigh gets compressed. The pressure on it causes symptoms of tingling, numbness and pain,” said Urologist, Dr. Karen Boyle.

michelle obama

According to an ABC News report, this unhealthy trend even has swept up the health-conscious First Family, as Michelle Obama and her daughters have been spotted wearing the “dangerous” jeans. (BTW, The First Lady is rocking those jeans!)

In African-American culture, the rise in skinny jeans popularity — which comes in and out of style every few decades (they were huge in the nut-hugging late 70s and early 80s [think Dallas] with white men who felt the tightness went well with their big Cowboy belt-buckles and boots [curiously, no research was released then]) — has been attributed to rappers Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne, who actually sags his pants so far down this problem probably wouldn’t affect him.

lil wayne

Check out the video for yourself, courtesy of that crack health team over at ABC News:

And for laughs, check out comedian Lil Duval attempt to fit into some skinny jeans after Lil Wayne’s now infamous MTV VMA performance, where he debuted his colorful, women’s skinny jeans:

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