gunWhat would you do if you found yourself home alone with your young children and you spotted an intruder coming through your window. That scenario played out in real-time during a home invasion in Loganville, GA last Friday.

A 37-year-old mother of 9-year-old twins found herself in this precarious situation after a man, identified as Paul Ali Slater, knocked on her front door repeatedly, appearing at the time to be a solicitor. But soon after there was no answer at the door, Slater entered her house and began “rummaging” thru household items, and that’s when the woman took her kids into a crawl space with a household .38 revolver and watched the burglar.

According to the police account reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, once the robber spotted the woman and her kids, she pointed the gun at the suspect and unloaded on him, shooting him 5 times, once in the face and 4 times in various places.

“That mother’s instinct kicked in,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told reporters. “You go after a mother’s kids and she’ll find herself capable of doing things she never thought she was capable of.”

Her husband, who was at work at the time, praised his wife for protecting their kids and property, saying that he expected nothing less from the mother of his children:

“My wife’s a hero,” the woman’s husband, Donnie Herman, told Channel 2 Action News in a brief statement. He did not respond to a request for comment from the AJC. “She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do.”

Slater is expected to survive the shooting, as ambulances were able to reach him time after police found him blocks away from the scene of the crime, crouched over in his car, pleading for life-saving assistance.

There is much debate about gun laws following the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, and rightfully so, considering the ongoing gun violence in America’s inner-cities and suburbs alike. This particular situation is what gun ownership laws are supposed to embolden citizens with in a self-defense circumstance.

No one, ideally, ever wants to shoot and kill another human being, but what can you do in a culture that glorifies guns and violence, and you’re faced with this textbook fight-or-flight moment?

Do you own a gun? Would you be able to use it in this type of circumstance?

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