If you tuned into last night’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview with Cissy Houston, you saw a grieving mother reveal the pain of losing one of her beloved children. Cissy spoke her truth about her daughter, superstar Whitney Houston’s life from the singer’s battle with drugs, rumors of a gay relationship and allegedly abusive relationship with Bobby Brown. Cissy’s memories will live forever in her new emotional memoir, “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped” (now available in book stores).

The honest interview captured a mother’s true sadness, compassion and distress when speaking about her only daughter, who once was considered America’s sweetheart. Tears were hard to hold back when Cissy revisited the day she found out Whitney Houston passed:

“My son called me and he was screaming, ‘Mom, Mommy,” “Then, oh God. I said, ‘What is wrong, what’s wrong?’ He just said, ‘Nippy. Nippy. ‘I said, ‘What’s wrong with Nippy?’ (Nippy was the family name) “He said, ‘I don’t know, I can’t go back up ” referring to the hotel room

“They found Nippy.” the son screamed They found her what, what?’ “Houston said. “And I was getting annoyed because he wasn’t telling me anything. “ “He said, ‘Mommy’

I asked, ‘Is she dead?’

‘Yeah, Mommy, she’s dead.’ Gary replied.

And I don’t remember too much else after that.”

Cissy, shaking her head and staring down at the floor, tells of having to handle the heartbreaking news alone. “I was a wreck,” she confessed.

Michael Houston, Whitney’s best friend and older brother, joined his mother and Oprah to talk about his own grief. “I’m living but I’m not alive,” he shared. Notably, he shocked the world when he confessed to exposing his littler sister to drugs. Over the years, many have wrongfully crucified Bobby Brown for introducing the pop princess to a dark life consumed with drug abuse. But Michael’s admission proved that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Michael shared his endless guilt and regret for being his sister’s partner in drug abuse. “It’s something that I have to deal with every single day,” he said.

Another landmark of the show was Ms. Houston’s revelation that she did not approve of Pat and Bobbi Kristina’s interview with Oprah or their reality show, “The Houstons: On Our Own.” She believed that both happened too quickly after Whitney’s passing.

Cissy raised eyebrows when she expressed concern about Bobbi’s wellbeing and admitted that their relationship is “iffy” at times (a fact that Bobbi attributes to her grandmother’s new book).

The interview answered lingering questions about Whitney’s life while capturing the vulnerability and pain of a grieving family. While some believe Oprah was too easy on Cissy and Michael, I think she delivered yet another heartfelt interview that touched viewers’ hearts and held nothing back.

What did you think of Cissy Houston’s sit-down with Oprah, Clutchettes?

-Nikki B.

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  • The mere fact that Oprah mentioned Gayelle Robin was confirmation enough for me that Whitney was clearly in love with this woman and Sissy wasn’t having it. As stunningly beautiful as Whitney was I never saw her as a woman who loved men. Out of all the choices at her feet she chose Bobby Brown and stayed with him in misery. And may God bless the dead but her wigs and weaves were never on point like a true diva. I truly believe Whitney was gay and covered up her sadness & emptiness with her addictions and toxic chaos. It makes all the sense in the world to me that a woman who had it all: beauty, talent, a model frame, a smile that lit up the room…could be so sad, broken and lonely.

    Being raised in the Black Church, having a legendary gospel singer as a mother, and having the pressure of being Mommy’s mini me had to have killed Whitney’s soul.

    • ASK_ME

      Whitney wasn’t gay. Most people believe she set her eyes on Bobby Brown because she was viewed as an “oreo” by morons in the black community. Basically she desired “street creed” and acceptability by her community. It’s unfortunate that she hooked up with a thug to get it. We can only guess where Whitney’s unhappiness stemmed but one thing is for sure…she wasn’t gay.

    • Libby

      Bobby was fine back in the day. Plain and simple. Whitney saw what other women saw in Bobby.

    • ASK_ME


      Obviously you and I have two different taste. I never thought Bobby Brown was good-looking or fine. And I’m certain I’m not alone.

      I think Whitney saw a way kill the “oreo” chants she received at the Soul Train Awards…and she jumped on it.

    • Libby


      Who marries somebody because they don’t want to be called an Oreo? She wasn’t crazy. He asked her to marry him. That doesn’t even make sense.
      It’s doesn’t matter what you liked, it was what Whitney liked.

    • ASK_ME


      Be for real…people marry folks ALL the time despite NOT being in love with them. I don’t doubt Whitney grew to love Bobby, but I don’t believe that’s what first drew her to him. I don’t believe it was love at first sight. Singers like Cherelle and Pebbles confirmed the “oreo” chants hurt Whitney and they too believe Bobby’s “street creed” was the main attraction for her in the beginning.

    • SL

      @ask_me and @Libby – actually both of you are somewhat correct.

      Whitney was hurt by the “oreo” remarks and by being called “gay” in the AA community. Whitney also loved Bobby. She and Bobby connecting seem far-fetched to most onlookers because they bought into her “work personna”.
      Whitney was not a girl scout, but most people believed she was – in large part because she couldnt stop talking about church and Jesus – even when she was already heavily diverting from her church principles. She loved Bobby and it gave her the perfect retort to dismiss the “oreo”, “gay”, “good girl” IMAGE that resulted from her “work personna”.

    • Chillyroad

      A familiar narrative. De evil black community tearing asunder the intrinsic love between a white man and a black woman. Whitey would still be alive today probably living in Switzerland with Tina Turner had the black community not stood in her way.

    • mr.vicious

      As if kevin would chose his current white wife over whitney. If bw was what he really wanted why didnt he get another bw singer or actress. Leave the kevin the white man out of this. He has his own life, wife and kids. Stop denying his current family an existence, saying whitney was better off with him, is telling him is wife is not as good as her.

    • ASK_ME

      @mr.vicious AKA alldawg

      Come again…it is a well-documented FACT that Mr. Kevin had a crush on Ms. Houston. If Whitney had wanted him at that point I’m fairly certain she could have had him (married or not).

      She could have had her pick of any race of men in the early 1990s.

      So I hate to destroy your fragile self-esteem which relies on the myth that “black women are undesirable” but in the early 1990s Whitney Houston was on top of the world with ALL races of men drooling over her….including the three times married Mr. Costner (yes, sweetie he was married to a DIFFERENT woman at that point).

    • RJ

      Whitney was gay!!!!!!

    • ASK_ME

      Which was a mistake…she would have been better off with Kevin “the white man.”

    • SL

      @SMH – maybe she was maybe she wasn’t. Maybe she was bi-sexual. people still maintain that Oprah and Gayle are lovers. those kinds of rumors are very easy to start and even easier to believe – but doesn’t make it so. OTOH – we have seen pics of Queen so why she hasn’t come out is interesting – but we have no hard proof of W & R.

    • mr.vicious

      LOL….at the white savior complex to many bw have. Whitney did what she wanted, she did what made her happy which is marry bobby. Cant help you love, the biggest mistake anybody can make is live a life to make other people happy…marrying bobby made her happy, marrying kevin makes you feel all warm and toasty on the inside…

      Again she married the man she truely loved, had his kids and gave her soul to. Sorry but IRBW can claim the movie, but bobby claims her heart…

    • ASK_ME

      @Mr. Vicious AKA All Dawg

      You need to pick ONE name and stick to it.

      Nobody being honest about the situation can deny Kevin Costner is a BETTER man than Bobby Brown will EVER be. It doesn’t matter that one man is white and the other is black, take race out of the picture and it will still be this….

      Kevin Costner > Bobby Brown.

      Whitney realized her mistake towards the end. She divorced Bobby, kicked him to the curb…or did you forget that little FACT???

      This kneegrow was sleeping on Superhead’s sofa. I, for one, was HAPPY to hear she finally threw him under the bus. At least she went to her grave having dumped him before her death.

    • Chillyroad

      Ask me

      Between your comments supporting Tina Turners bigotry toward black Africans and your pedastslization of Kevin Costner
      I think you have a pretty sick view of whites or rather white men as godlike figures. Bobby Brown wasn’t the only black man Whitney could have been with. She choose him over other black men and if the rumours are true over a black woman. You need to stop projecting your white supremacist views on Whiteney. She even in death doesn’t have to live out your white worship fantasies.

      Have some self respect.

    • Chillyroad

      Ask Me

      “Can you stay in your lane reserved for FAT Haitian bytches with no friends???”

      This is anger talking. You’ve made it to the promised land, girl. Why are you still so angry? I thought that white boy of yours was supposed to calm you down? He took you out the hood, got some lotions for those elbows, taught you the difference between “ask” and “axe” yet you still mad.

    • ” He took you out the hood, got some lotions for those elbows, taught you the difference between “ask” and “axe” yet you still mad”


      ( •_•)>⌐■-■


      Thats it folks, Im done with this thread lmao.

    • ASK_ME


      Aw, what’s the matter cow? Did I hurt your feelings pointing out that your dumbarse is blind in one eye and can’t see shyt out the other???

      Your fat arse is so desperate to call someone out that you miss entire conversations staring you in the face.

      Do yourself a favor overweight heifer, go back to living on Bossip where stupid chicks like you are worshipped.

  • gmarie

    @B No one said Cissy had to LIKE Bobby. she can hate him for the rest of her days for all I care. But to toot around to the media and anyone else who would listen that Bobby was the start of her daughter’s downward spiral, KNOWING she had a problem long before he came into her life? Knowing that it was her own SON who ushered Whitney into the lifestyle? Knowing that it was in FACT Whitney who introduced Bobby to hard drugs? Woman..if you do nothing else in your life, take some accountability. It’s only the Christian thing to do. Considering the cycle seems to be repeating with her grand daughter it’s the smart thing to do. In my view Cissy was just as much an enabler of Whitney’s habits as Bobby was.

    Bobby and Whitney’s relationship as a couple, and who did what to who is a whole different struggle from the drug abuse they both endulged in. It was what it was and it wasn’t all good. But I have to ask…what kind of male/female relationship examples were Whitney a witness to as a child growing up?

  • Libby

    I find this interesting that Whitney and Robyn denied they were in a gay relationship. Whitney said she wasn’t gay. It’s makes it sound like one can’t be BF with a gay person without being gay. Isn’t that homophobic? Why can’t we allow people to define their own sexuality? I think some of the same people on here who go on and on about black homophobia are the ones who are doing this. Interesting.