Arizona Group Will Give Away Loaded Shotguns To ‘Take Back’ City From Criminals

In today’s “This Won’t End Well” news, an Ex-Tucson, Arizona mayoral hopeful thinks it’s a pretty good idea to give FREE guns to citizens in high crime areas. Shaun McClusky is raising money to purchase shotguns and provide training for anyone who lives in a mid- to high-crime neighborhood and can pass a background check. McClusky said the shotguns will be single-break-action guns that can hold only one shell and each gun will cost $205, which includes a box of ammunition. With the training and background checks included, McClusky estimates it will cost about $350 to $400 per person.

The Arizona Daily Star writes:

“We need to take back our city, and it needs to come back to the citizens and not the criminals,” [Shaun] McClusky said. “Right now, the criminal element is winning.”

Over the next couple of weeks, McClusky and others will begin spreading leaflets and posting fliers in Midvale Park, Pueblo Gardens and a yet-to-be-determined midtown neighborhood to induce residents to sign up for the program.

McClusky feels that guns don’t kill people. He compared that notion to spoons making people fat.

“Saying guns are responsible for killing people is like saying spoons are responsible for making people fat,” McClusky said. “If someone wants to bring me the publicity for free and sue me, bring it on.”

The Tucson initiative’s website claimed that budget cuts have negatively impacted the Tucson Police Department’s ability to respond to emergencies, suggesting that residents take self-protection into their own hands.

Protecting your family and your property is a personal right, the way you do it is up to you as the individual. Many choose to let the police do it for them but in this current environment that is becoming less and less realistic each day. With that being said myself and several others in Tucson have decided to join Kyle and the Armed Citizen Project and begin to identify areas in Tucson that can benefit from this program.

Free guns. There you have it folks.

Arizona Group Will Give Away Loaded Shotguns To ‘Take Back’ City From Criminals

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  • dee

    I hate that saying “guns don’t kill people” of course it doesn’t an inanimate object can’t do anything until you put it into someones hands, it can do a hell of a lot of damage then.

    And I have a very hard time believing that Arizona of all states would be willing to give free guns to black or latino citizens.

    Everyday I think, I really can’t hear something more idiotic than this, and everyday I’m proven wrong.

    • You are absolutely right they are not going to hand free guns over to us Nigras and Wet Backs. In their eyes, we are whats part of the Problem. We are who they are trying to take America back from. Take it back to when we knew our places in this here society.

    • las

      As a Tucsonan I find it extremely offensive that you would presume to say that the actions of this group are a representation of the entire state; not everyone here is racist, and in fact I would wager to say that Tucson’s latino population is in the majority.

      But, I still think this group is a horrible idea and it’s embarrassing and of course someone in Arizona would come up with this.

  • Mademoiselle

    The “Fast and Furious” scandal just popped into my head. This is a BAD idea regardless of the intent. Who’s making sure these free guns given to people with clean records aren’t filtering to their unclean acquaintances?

  • Dalili

    Oh dear! Seems Arizona is regressing to the days of Wyatt Earp. This initiative if implemented will have catastrophic results.