Soul songstress Chrisette Michele is using digital technologies to promote her fourth album, “Better.” She’s releasing “Journey to Better” a video series chronicling her growth as an artist and woman. The short, but impactful, clips invite fans into the mind of the genius behind the raspy vocals.

We spend eight minutes with Michele in the inaugural video, listening to her inner voice speak thoughts she’s only ever spilled in composition notebooks. From her first tattoo to an impromptu acapella performance in her living room, the intimate reflection offers a miniature window into Michele’s whirlwind life and career.

It is not “Life is But a Dream.” But “Journey to Better” evokes similar emotions and wonderment of how a woman with so much success can be so insightful, honest … human.

Chrisette MicheleA brief monologue at the beginning of the video discusses Michele’s mastering of the music business. She explains how she utilized her “underrated” label to rub shoulders and glean wisdom from the industry’s elite from Jay-Z to Kevin Liles. Knowing the risk of failure in a business that discards irrelevant artists, Michele studied everyone from music publicists to engineers, absorbing as much knowledge as she could to leverage her talent and exposure. She mastered her craft.

There’s a lesson in that, especially in the age of digital media and instant exposure.

A quick browse through Twitter bios and YouTube channels highlight a sudden boom in experts. Relationship gurus. Professional writers. Acclaimed singers. Media moguls. Social media managers. CEOs. The list continues without much merit to support these claims of expertise. Kevin Hart often says, “Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work.” His assertion is valid in the sensationalist, Kim Kardashian-dominated world of Twitter and YouTube celebrities.

Chrisette Michele finally decided she’s a singer, after a Grammy, more than a million records sold, and three charting albums. To celebrate, Michele inked her first tattoo, an earned reward. She is teaching us the importance of doing the work before accepting the praise. Are you heeding the lesson?

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