Black Model on 'The Face' Says She Doesn't Consider Herself Black, Naomi Blacks Out

On an episode of “The Face” Wendy Williams joined the Naomi Campbell as a special guest judge. Wendy decided to throw out a question to Devyn Abdullah, a 22-year-old aspiring model from the Bronx.

Wendy: Is it hard to be a black girl model?

I’ll let these lovely gifs from speak for themselves:

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Needless to say, Naomi flipped her wig.

Maybe Devyn hasn’t noticed how the modeling industry treats “black” models or even models with “brown” skin, but think she’s in for a rude wake up call, regardless of what she considers herself. Maybe Devyn needs to have a sit  down with Naomi, Tyra, Iman, Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls (yeah, I know she’s Puerto Rican, but she has constantly referred to herself as “black”), just so she can hear the issues they’ve faced.

But on the other hand, if she wants to walk around referring to herself as “not a black model”, that’s her choice. Right?



*Btw...before anyone else posts another  "Don't you know Puerto Ricans are black too" comment, as a person with a Central American & Irish background, yes, I realize some Puerto Ricans are black..just like some people from Belize and other Latin countries are black...but time after time, people on Clutch's comment section, have expressed issues when a Latina refers to themselves as "black" i.e, Zoe Saldana.*
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  • Ha! This chick has been listening to dudes in the Bronx telling her she’s exotic looking…so “let me get with that!” HA! She won but she won’t be remembered for that, she’ll be remembered for not thinking she’s “got a Black girl look.”

  • texaschainsawlovin’

    I gotta say, that is classic “i’m not a black girl model. I have an international look.” Even if she trying not to put a typecast on herself to gain more access to jobs, it’s pretty hilarious that she would poo poo black models, like it’s a hex upon oneself. Some people on the boards are saying well it’s not what she really meant to say. I don’t really buy it. If anything that is a clear cut sign of miseducation. I’m glad Naomi (cannot believe that I agree with that woman) went ape shit. Because it might bring some more issues to light with the modeling industry and their prejudice of people of color. Plus the issues black woman face with self-hatred, but they won’t. And the beat goes on.

  • SouthernDarling

    I agree with your message….but this girl doesnt look anything other than black to me! There really is not a “typical” look for black women. I mean my sister (100%) is as pale as they come while I have a deep golden brown skin tone. She’s just as “black” as I am. Black women are very unique. We come with different shades, shapes, hair textures and colors. Please dont box us up.

  • Being black has never been easy for the last three millenia. Let us just forgive and forget those who are trying to break out of our group.

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