It’s hard to believe we’re living in an age when viewers can get a front-row seat to the dissolution of a marriage, and the public finds out about that divorce at the same time as one of the parties involved.

But that happened as we watched self-proclaimed trophy housewife Porsha Stewart cry through arguments and therapy sessions about her marriage of less than two years. And yesterday, we found out via TMZ that her husband, former NFL player Kordell filed for divorce at the same time Porsha learned about it.

Her representative released the following statement to Us Magazine:

Mrs. Stewart is disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce. Mrs. Stewart had held off on filing for a divorce herself and remained committed to the marriage because Mr. Stewart promised to work on the marriage with her. Instead, he misled her and she found out about the filing in the media. Mrs. Stewart hopes to resolve these personal issues privately with the support of her family, friends and strong faith.

Many view Kordell’s “beat you to the punch” strategy as his final act of manipulation and control. The news is especially troubling when you think of how committed Portia seemed to be to submitting to him and working on their union.

Only three days ago, she was tweeting #TeamStewarts and declaring:

“A Marriage can last forever when two people decide to remain as one and conquer trials & tribulations together!”

But Porsha was in that fight alone. She was criticized harshly by cast mates and viewers alike for being obedient to her husband and letting him take the lead on decisions that affect her life without, at times, even expressing her disapproval. Porsha defended her position, painting herself as the submissive, loving wife only to end up in the middle of this public and embarrassing split.

She appears to be leaning on her friends and faith in the wake of the divorce news. A friend told Us Weekly:

“She felt like a prisoner…She’s young enough to find someone that’s really right for her now.”

And her fellow castmates have voiced their support.

Nene tweeted:

“I’am good judge of character! I will stand by & support my little sister @PorshaDStewart”

And even Kenya wrote:

“Even though @porshadstewart and I have had our differences, I would never want to see anyone in pain. I wish her well.”

Hopefully, Porsha can come out of this debacle stronger, wiser and ready to rewrite her fairy tale on her own terms.

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  • Marisa

    Perhaps Porsha should consult Donna Hanover former First Lady of NYC you wanna know how she found out her husband ex Mayor Rudy Guiliani was dumping her after cheating on her, on tv when he held a press conference to announce he was in fact divorcing Donna. Its weird I’ve heard Kordell didn’t like Porsha sharing her business with the other ladies but and her being on the show for that matter. Yet announces the divorce in this manner. He’ll probably pull a Deion and next thing you know start crying to a judge about Porsha’s ways luckily for her there are no children to be snatched away from her custody unlike Deion and Dwade and the rest of the supposed fathers of the year.

    • you will be ok when god closes one door he opens another do be afraid to move on and explore. your young and beautiful with no children in most mean eyes your a great catch your more of a woman then he will ever b a man instead of telling you how he felt he took it to the press first, that’s a coward move stay strong and f**k him there is someone for everyone

  • Joan

    I just feel like there is a whole lot that we just don’t know. Remember, Porsha is the same woman who screwed up Kenya’s introduction, blew it off, didn’t really apologize and then couldn’t figure out why Kenya was mad. And she continued to insult Kenya by calling her old. (She called her old in front of Cynthia, who is older than Kenya!) She tried on different occasions to start up with Kenya again. Even Kordell expressed that she needed to lay off. (I’m no Kenya fan, either.) Porsha is the same woman who didn’t seem to understand that you can’t just order up a set of customized twins; you’re kind of at nature’s mercy when you are trying to get pregnant. LOL. There were other things about her that made me raise an eyebrow, but I stopped watching the show after a while.

    I’m not trying to blame Porsha at all. However, I am trying to suggest that perhaps there is more to the story than what we see on the show. Perhaps it wasn’t all Kordell? There are two (or more) sides to every story. It seems to me that many of the posters here like and support Porsha. I know I will receive a low rating for this, but I just don’t have a very positive opinion of her. I tend not to admire women who don’t think before they speak. She was part of the reason that I stopped watching the show. I thought that Kenya was very negative, NeNe was a hypocrite, Cynthia was spaced out at times…but I also felt that Porsha was very negative, too. Porsha is so pretty; I’ll give her that. But the petty insults and the instigating canceled out a lot of her physical beauty (for me). And the Chanel bag at the charity event….SMH. I have never seen that sort of thing done at a charity event.

    It seems to me that Porsha gets to go around saying and doing things without thinking and people excuse it because she’s pretty and rich. Is it possible that she could have also said/done something without thinking in her marriage that contributed to Kordell’s opinion of the marriage being broken? Obviously, Kordell has some control issues that make him not the most desirable candidate for marraige. However, with Porsha’s behavioral track record, I have a difficult time believing that it was all Kordell. Kenya is a nut job…but I did not like the way Porsha treated her in regards to the introduction. To me, when she did not apologize profusely and sincerely try to make amends, it came off as callous and uncaring. If she has done similar things in her marriage (which I feel is highly likely), that’s not a good thing. Women who say and do dumb things around other women don’t miraculously behave like perfect wives when their husbands appear.

    I think it is awful to publicly humiliate someone by filing for divorce without telling them and letting them find out on the internet. However, one never knows what could be behind it all.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Maybe this is because I’m a man but… calling the man controlling because he believes in wearing the pants in the household instead of the wife, then insisting that she be a mother (being that they are both wanting a child) instead of getting a nanny to actually raise their child(ren) and chasing the dream of being a singer (a singer?) is bad?

    If that’s what controlling and possessive is, then I’m that all day. I’m the man. Period. That’s my space and that’s my function.

    BEFORE the reality TV show she had a role. She had a choice. She knew what it was. If she wanted access to him, his person, his wealth, his cache as it were then she would have to be a stay at home mom or housewife, that is it. She knew that going in. Acting on a reality show is a JOB. Now the job is opening doors… she’s not trying to close those doors. What is she going to do? What do you suggest Kordell Stewart do? It seems that Mr. Stewart was trying to get his wife to understand that to him he wasn’t interested in the type of woman who would try to handle being HIS wife, the mother of THEIR kids AND pursue her singing/television career. Essentially Mr. Stewart has the right to say that this is not the type of woman that he wants. Initially she was OK being the mother and housewife but she changed her mind. That show exposed the flaws in his marriage. He chose unwisely. He wants out. Case closed.

    She made her decision and that’s OK. He’s making his case and that’s OK too… she can do the show as a divorcee it seems. There don’t even have to be any hard feelings about it either. I’ve heard numerous women justify marrying men with money as “marriage is simply a business proposition at the end of the day” what’s love got to do with it. So when 70% of divorces are initiated by women, some of them must not feel that the business works to their benefit anymore.

    Could it be that the same thing is happening in this situation?

    Here is an example of what was called ‘controlling’.

    1. Kordell says, “No disrespect to what you are doing, I’d like you to come home earlier.” That’s controlling? He’s stating his preference to his WIFE.

    2. “Consider your time… we have talked about having kids and making some little Kordells and Porshas. Are you ready to take on this infant?” (I think that’s reasonable) Porsha replies “I would feel like when we get a baby we can get a nanny.” Kordell then asks. “So it will be raised by a nanny? That’s okay?” It’s controlling to want the mother of your children to actually raise your children? Also, he’s asking a question in plain English.

    3. Kordell took issue with Bailey. “I get so upset when you two are getting so heated.” Kordell says that the RHOA women need to “just try to be steady”. (Pretty sound advice but again… I’m a man. I don’t understand all of the cattiness either over the smallest of things.)

    While all I know is what they showed on TV (mostly via blogs and articles and even that is subject to interpretation because editing can make something seem like something else), they just don’t look like a good match at this stage of their relationship and needed to grow a bit more without the bright lights of television. This is not just because of age, even though I think that they got along well and they actually loved one another. She was young and pretty and he was rich and famous so after some laughs and some exchanging of fluid, they got married and then the show came about then it was “Oh shit, we have different views of married life.” even though it was known going in what Kordell Stewart’s expectations were AND she agreed to said expectations. She even admitted for the first year of their marriage she stayed at home and did nothing but get catered to by the staff. I truly believe that the “career woman” position was because of the show. She knew what he wanted, she agreed to it then she broke their “deal” it seems. I didn’t think he was controlling to her, he’s just plain spoken and in a time where people try so hard to come across a certain way, it can be jarring to see someone who doesn’t give a flying flip.

    Ladies, you CAN have it all, you CANNOT have it all at one time. It simply does not work. Raise your children THEN get a career. Start your career THEN have children when they have been raised a bit. If I’m a hiring manager and I have 2 women in front of me, both 31 years old with the same education and experience but 1 has a 9 year old and a 7 year old and the other has no children who do you think I’m going to hire? Exactly, the woman who already has children.

    Regarding her taking him to the bank in this divorce (if it even happens) she started cashing in on his name from the minute they got engaged. She got on that Platinum Weddings show because of their lavish wedding. She got on Housewives because of the fact that she was married to a baller and had a life of a rich housewife. Basically by marrying her, he set her up to have a better career than she would have ever had on her own. Now she can go on and do her reality shows. No one was trying to put her on TV before Kordell. He cleaned her up, got her fancy clothes and helped her launch her career. That more than compensates her for her time and service. Plus now she’s bankable and makes that RHOA check. He set her up for a life in show biz… which is clearly what she wanted. Besides, they’ve only been married 22 months. She’ll get enough to take a good vacation and go on a shopping spree and that’s about it.

    As for Kordell Stewart supposedly being gay. From my perspective, with this rumor going on over a decade, so many “knowledgeable” people, this modern age of attention whoring being at it’s peak, the fact that no one, not one person has said “Yeah, I fuck/fucked/fuck with Kordell Steward and here are the texts/emails/letters to prove it” is telling. Not one celebrity/politician that’s had some ‘issue’ on the side has been able to keep it quiet for too long. Jump-offs have been running out at light speed to get some talk show/TMZ shine. So where is Stewart’s Gay lover(s)?