The Deception season finale airs tonight on NBC and there are so many little storylines to tie up in one episode.  I really dig the show.  Meagan Good and Laz Alonso are doing a great job and Ella Rae Peck does phenomenal work as Mia Bowers.

One thing that has always bothered me about this show though is that the basic storyline doesn’t seem to be enough to sustain an entire series.  Joanna (Good) is an undercover cop who returns to New York from California to figure out who murdered her (rich, spoiled, drug addict) childhood best friend Vivian. Solving a murder seems like an episode of Law & Order not a whole series, right? I’m thinking maybe the idea will be that Joanna will go undercover to a different place every season? I don’t know, but I’m very curious to see how this season ends and if the show gets picked up for a second season.

If you’re reading this I assume you’ve been watching Deception and I don’t need to sum up all the plot lines, so I’ll just dive right into the three main ones.

The Joanna/Julian/Will Love Triangle
Will is none too pleased about Joanna sleeping with Julian and though his hurt feelings might have influenced his decision to take Joanna off of the case, he’s right about her losing her objectivity.  She didn’t have sex with Julian to help dig into the case, she just wanted ol’ boy. I think Joanna’s mom (played by the always awesome S. Epatha Merkerson is right about Joanna and Julian not working out. Not necessarily because of the class thing, but because he can’t possibly trust her once he finds out she’s been lying to him the entire time about her life and occupation.  In the finale, Julian and Joanna will definitely part ways and it will be cliffhanger-ish as to the fate of Joanna and Will. Will is still all up in his feelings, so he won’t let her just run back to him like that.

The Kimberly Yaeger Murder
For years, Edward Bowers has lived with the guilt and shame of being an accused murderer.  Recently, he came to believe that he actually did kill the woman, but now it looks like he didn’t or at least, there’s no evidence to prove that he did. So, who killed Kimberly? I think Daddy Bowers did it.  I’d pretty much blame him for anything.

Vivan’s Murder
Vivian’s murder is the crux of the entire show or at least this season.  At first it seemed like one of her brother did it, but Edward and Julian have alibis. Then it seemed like Daddy Bowers was up to his evil ways, then that gave way to the idea that Julian’s jump-off was the mastermind behind it all and in the last episode, Joanna posited the theory that Mia’s dad killed Vivian. Daddy Bowers killing Vivian is too obvious I don’t think Mia’s dad would care enough to kill her. Stepmom Sofia is the culprit. She’s cold as ice and we’ll find out exactly how she did it in tonight’s finale.

Those are my Deception theories. What are yours? Who killed Vivian and why?

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