Men Become Doga

A television deal with ABC and Shonda Rhimes’ “Shondaland” production company hasn’t corrupted Issa Rae or her commitment to producing excellent Internet content. The awkward black girl continues to win with her curation of content on her YouTube channel as well the development and release of original programming, including “Ratchetpiece Theater” and her smash staple “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.”

Most of the web series Rae has created or lent support to have been centered on a woman protagonist, but she’s highlighting the plight of men in her latest collaboration. “How Men Become Dogs” tells the tragic, sexist tale of three “good” men who are simultaneously dumped their ungrateful girlfriends. To lick their wounds and re-center their ego, the friends employ a Steve Harvey-esque womanizer coach to  instruct them on how to dog women so they will be irresistible.

“How Men Become Dogs” is executive produced by Rae and Benoni Tagoe, but it was created and directed by Marc Cunningham, who also co-stars alongside up-and-coming actors Bechir Sylvain, Wayne Bowser, and Corey Gaddis.

I adore Issa Rae and respect her prowess as a content creator and curator, but I’m hesitant to embrace “How Men Become Dogs.” The first episode posits women as villains that strip men of their pride and their agency to make healthful relationship and sexual decisions. Women are highlighted as the biblical Eve biting the apple while the men are portrayed as victims in the relationships.

What do you think of the first episode of “How Men Become Dogs?”


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  • leelah

    The funny thing is that every dog I know is still single. Even the ones who got married are divorced or separated. The funniest thing about dogs is that they all think they’re the nice guy and that they’re not that bad, bragging about not being physical abusive with their low standard selves, because in their little minds all women just love the really really bad boys. But all their stories are outlandish, and disrespectful. I grab my beer and sit on the couch when my husband’s relatives, my two uncles, and friends come around and just laugh at the stuff they tried to get away with. See fate has a way of handling these dogs because all their loneliness is really getting them down. Some of them are reduced to obsessing over relationships way more than any woman. To all the old players at the club trying to mack on young girls that are way out of your average looking butt’s league, I salute you!