There are so many culturally insensitive products on the market that retailers are offering an apology or explanation almost monthly. From Victoria’s Secret costume to Dolce & Gabbana’s earrings, several fashion items have outraged consumers and subsequently been pulled from the shelves.

The latest offender is retailer Mango which came under fire for their “slave style” jewelry. The items were described using the French word for slave, “Esclave.” Offended viewers took to the brand’s Facebook page to lambast the descriptor. Many also pointed out that there was no connection between the jewelry and slavery (though one user compared the chain links to chains slaves were forced to wear around their wrist and ankles).

The brand is now offering an apology for using the word “slave,” blaming it on a “translation error” and promising to relabel the merchandise. For some, their expression of regret and promise to change falls short. Business Insider reports a Twitter user replied:  “Stop your lies! We all know that a translation error would be fixed well before products hit the shelves.”

Another said: “Brands like Mango think they can make light of slavery because black people still buy their pieces. We can teach them to do better by spending our money elsewhere.”

Despite the overwhelmingly negative response, many feel that the descriptor isn’t a big deal and doesn’t warrant such outrage and attention.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Did you find Mango’s descriptor offensive?

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