New York City's Fire Commissioner's Son Resigns After Racist TweetsOne day people will learn to keep their racist comments to themselves and now spew them via social media.  EMT and first responder Joe Cassano probably feels he should have vented about his job in a more private arena, besides his Twitter account.  The Post reported Joe Cassano’s  history of using Twitter to complain about his EMT job. On Feb. 3, Cassano tweeted: “Getting sick of picking up all these obama lovers and taking them to the hospital because their medicare pays for an ambulance and not a cab.”

Cassano even once tweeted: “I like jews about as much as hitler.”

Apparently he’s not a supporter of Obama.

Posted from his Twitter account, @jcassano15, he tweeted: “Gotta love people with the iPhone 5 and brand new Jordan’s whip out their benefits card #f–kobama #ipaidforyourstuff.”

In another tweet, he Cassano complained, “Got kicked in the shin by a drunk and had to carry a 275 pound guy down 5 flights of stairs . . . my job is the worst #yearandahalftogo.”

That #yearandahalftogo was probably in reference to the amount of time it would take for him to get fired by the NYFD after he put in his time as an EMT.

Before last November’s election, Joseph Cassano vowed to “move to Scotland” if Obama were re-elected.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he posted, “MLK could go kick rocks for all I care, but thanks for the time and a half today.”

As the son of New York City’s Fire Commissioner, Salavatore Cassano, it drew the ire of many in New York, including Mayor Bloomberg. As of Tuesday, Joe Cassano resigned from his EMT position.

“I found the messages offensive,” Bloomberg said.

“It is my understanding that he has chosen to resign from the fire department. I think that’s the appropriate thing and I’ll leave it there.”

 Commissioner Cassano  had this to say of his son:

“I am extremely disappointed in the comments posted online by my son Joseph, which do not reflect the values — including a respect for all people — that are held by me, my family and the FDNY. I have worked hard for many years, as have so many people in the agency, to make the FDNY more diverse and inclusive. There is no place — and I have no tolerance — for statements that would harm the good reputation we enjoy due to our honorable service to all New Yorkers.

As a parent, this is very painful for me, but I believe my son has made the right decision [to resign],” Salvatore Cassano said. “I love him very much and, with the support and love of our entire family, we will get through this together.”

Joe Cassano released a statement on Monday apologizing for his actions.

“My intention was never to hurt anyone, or any group, and these tasteless comments do not reflect the person my parents raised me to be,” Mr. Cassano said.

If you don’t want others to read it, don’t tweet it.















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  • Marisa

    Ok can folks just stop with these lame apologies already folks get bold and want to broadcast their racist, sexist, homophobic ideas, then cant take the heat and want to cop the I didn’t intend to hurt, or offend blah blah blah. My belief is if your bold enough to say it then have that same boldness to and stand by it no matter what the outrage is. If you didn’t believe it you wouldn’t have said it. That’s right some people don’t want to deal with backlash so its these apologies that I don’t believe or the 21 century let me run off to sensitivity training and hang with some Blacks/Latinos/Asians/Gays,Indians/Disabled, and poof look how enlightened I am. Also my dad has had an illness recently and collapsed and had to be rushed to the ER, and the entire convo with the EMS guys were about, his previous conditions, what he ate that morning, while he had an oxygen mask on. Somehow the last election and our family support for President Obama never came up, I doubt it did for the patients in need this doofus job it was to help. No he saw minorities and projected his views.

  • Irony

    You know what’s ironic is that daddy’s lil boy might need some of that “Obammy-care” for his family one day now that he lost his job. That is if his well connected daddy doesn’t just get him a new job. White privilege aka just another form of affirmative action


    I wish he stuck his small pink paynus in Sandy and drowned from her giving him head.

  • Owlman5678

    sorry he got caught. he will a new job and benefits by yesterday.