The Big Chop

When we hear the phrase “the big chop,” visions of chemically relaxed hair being dramatically shorn for an immediate natural hair reveal pops into our heads.

Freedom! Short hair, don’t care!

But sometimes cutting your hair off is not that deep. Sometimes you just want to cut your hair to switch things up. Short cuts are very low maintenance and easy to care for, and in many instances, your styling routine will be cut down to mere minutes. Whether you go for a TWA or a longer ‘fro, you can just apply the products of your choice and brush, comb or pick your hair.

Get inspired by some of these cropped ‘dos:

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  • Kuntry Girl

    YES! I just tweeted my desire for another big chop yesterday. My first was nearly 3 years ago. My hair has grown back nicely but I’m over it. I have every intention of shearing this mop off by Memorial Day!

  • omfg

    the chocolate girl. so beautiful. perfect features.

  • Lulu

    the first girl has beautiful skin!! wow!

  • Some of these pics are making me want to big chop again…lol The women are very beautiful and working that short hair to peices.

  • Ms V

    I’ve really been wanting to do the big chop for a while now, and I’m getting closer and closer. But my main concern is: Is my head too big to rock something super short, like the girl with the side part? Not to mention, my hair is kind of frizzy curly, so if its not flat ironed, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t want to start getting relaxers again. I’ve been relaxer free for almost 5 years now.