HundleyIn today’s “the world is going to hell” news, a white man accused of slapping a black toddler on an airplane pleaded not guilty to assault in federal court.

Joe Rickey Hundley, a resident of Idaho, appeared Wednesday to answer to the misdemeanor assault charges. The 60-year-old man allegedly slapped 19-month-old Jonah Bennett after hurling a racial slur at his mother during a Feb. 8 Delta Airline flight from Minneapolis-to-Atlanta.

Jessica Bennett, the toddler’s mother, asserts her 19-month-old son was crying from cabin pressure. Hundley told her to “shut that [racial slur] baby up” before he smacked her child.

Hundley’s attorney, Marcia Shein, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he was in distress during the flight.  Shein said her client was traveling to Atlanta to take his only child off life support and he had been awake for 24 hours straight prior to the altercation.

She also admitted Hundley used the racial slur, but denies the alleged assault.

Hundley is scheduled to appear again in court April 9. He is out on $10,000 bond.

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  • Owlman5678

    he is a lying goat _ _ _ _ _.

  • TheWrongOne!

    When I first read about this foolishness, I laughed and thanked God! My spiritual word for Clutch today: “God does everything for a reason”. Trust and believe if I was the one sitting beside that man, I would have ___ the ___ out of HIM. fr

  • lolala

    I’m failing to see the cause and effect in his distress.

  • Keshia

    The little boy was biracial I believe, I wonder what his mother’s reaction was to this? Where was his father? Smh once again post racial America for ya

    • Apple

      He’s an adopted black kid to white parents who told pressed charges instead of fighting him

    • Keshia

      Excuse my mistake, thanks for correcting me.

    • Nic

      Yeah, I was like, what kind of lady let’s her kid get slapped, so I was not surprised that his mom (and dad) were white. My mother would have torn that old white man a new one.
      You don’t hit a black woman’s child and get away with that.

  • Apple

    I don’t give a shit if your whole family was on life support doesn’t give you the right to be a racist child abuser. My great aunt died the other week maybe I should start kicking disable children ?

    • A.

      Seriously! People show their true colors in situations like that. If you’re a kind, upstanding person of character you don’t lose your marbles and call a CHILD a racial slur just because you’re under stress. With or without his family tragedy he would’ve been a jerk.

    • Nic

      Um, now if you are black you know the cops would shoot you 100 times for that…