Would You Pop A Pill To Make The Grey Go Away?

We live in a molly pill popping society, and there’s a pill for just about every  malaise or body issue.

Want to lose weight?

Pop a pill.

Want to have a higher sex drive?

Pop a pill.

What to calm your nerves?

Pop a pill.

Want to get rid of your gray hair?

Pop a …Yes, you can now pop a pill to get rid of that unsightly gray hair. I don’t have an issue with gray hair, but let this press release I received tell it — apparently, gray hair is an abomination:

 “Going gray can be a real blow to a person’s self-confidence, and for some it’s a constant reminder of growing older.”

I always thought a constant reminder of growing older was the fact that each year you aged a year, not by the number of gray hairs you have. And what about those people who are born with gray hair? Would this pill make their hair another color?

For those who feel that going gray is one step away from being abandoned in a nursing home by your oldest child,  “Go Away Gray” could be the answer you’re looking for.

Here’s a snippet from the press release:

Beth Skelly of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was going gray and tried all kinds of things to hide it. “I started off plucking the grays and then I said ‘I’m losing this battle and so then I started dying my hair,’ ” Skelly said.

Skelly is a fan of “Go Away Gray.” She’s been taking 2 pills a day for about six weeks, and now her gray hair is gone! “I’d go to the mirror, I’d look, and I’d say, ‘Wow, the grays are NOT coming in.’ Color is coming back,” she said. “Seeing is believing. When people see me they say, ‘You’re 53?'”

“It’s absolutely 100 percent safe,” said Cathy Beggan, psresident of Rise-N-Shine, LLC and founder of “Go Away Gray.”

So, how does it work?

Beggan said the secret ingredient is an enzyme called Catalase that counteracts our body’s natural production of hydrogen peroxide. “Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide, which bleaches our hair from the inside out. Our bodies also produce an enzyme called Catalase, which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide. When we don’t produce enough Catalase, the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. As a result, hair is bleached from the inside out, turning it gray,” Beggan said.

Go Away Gray puts the Catalase back in your body, so it can break down the peroxide. This stops the graying process and it allows your natural hair color to come back at the root.

For just $29.95, you can now reclaim the color of your hair, supposedly.  I think it would be odd to see old people without grey hair, but I can imagine my grandmother trying these pills out. She’s the 83-year-old woman who still dyes her hair dark brown and wants to act like she doesn’t have a gray hair anywhere. 

I think I’ll keep the strands of gray hair I have and let the natural aging process run its course.


Would you take a pill to prevent your hair from graying?

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