Songstress Alicia Keys is a HIV advocate. The Keep a Child Alive co-founder has been championing HIV/AIDS awareness since 2003 when her organization began providing treatment, food and other necessary support to children and families in India and Africa that have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Now the Grammy Award-winning crooner is partnering with the Kaiser Family Foundation for “Empowered.” The campaign launched in March to educate women of color about HIV through public service advertisements, social media and community programs.

“Empowered” will also provide $25,000 grants to community-based initiatives and projects that target women and HIV.

The “Empowered” campaign will run for five years and publish an annual report examining women’s experiences with HIV/AIDS as well as educational improvements, stigmas and misconceptions.

The ultimate goal for the campaign is to encourage women to learn more about HIV and AIDS. Keys hopes to ignite a global conversation about the impact of HIV/AIDS.

She feels connected to women with HIV because the women in Africa and India “looked like they could be my sister, or they could be my aunt, or they could be my cousin.”

We should all feel connected to the HIV epidemic. It is plaguing women. According to Kaiser, one in four people infected with HIV in the United States are women.

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