Beyonce says I'm A Modern-Day FeministBeyoncé’s publicity team is working overtime these days. As the diva prepares for her Mrs. Carter world tour, King Bey spoke with British Vogue about motherhood, music, and why she loves being Jay-Z’s wife.

Although many have labeled her a feminist based on her girl-powered anthems, Beyonce’s latest effort, “Bow Down,” had many wondering if she was singing a new tune.

In her British Vogue interview, Beyoncé is reportedly “unusually candid” about her personal life, a topic that was previous off limits until she lifted the veil last year.

After admitting that motherhood gave her a sense of “audacity” and she loves doting on her family, like all women, Bey is defining her life on her own terms.

“I feel like Mrs Carter is who I am, but more bold and more fearless than I’ve ever been.

“It comes from knowing my purpose and really meeting myself once I saw my child. I was like, ‘OK, this is what you were born to do’. The purpose of my body became completely different.”

In the past, Beyoncé has sidestepped branding herself with the F-word, but in the May cover story she told the glossy she believes in equality and considers herself to be a modern-day feminist, a label that will no doubt excite or enrage others.

“I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I’m just a woman and I love being a woman… I do believe in equality and that we have a way to go and it’s something that’s pushed aside and something that we have been conditioned to accept.”

Do you agree that Beyoncé is a modern-day feminist? Let us know, Clutchettes.

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  • Why be so negative?

    I don’t think she contradicted herself. She said “I guess” and then asked us why she has to label herself. Why are so many of you women so quick to come after her and hold 1 song as a symbol of her whole career? I guess half you guys can’t identify with feeling this way as well? And I do believe she also said she wasn’t only referring to women in this song. As a competitor this song signifies how I feel about other teams or other competitors. As a woman heartbroken before, I identify with ‘resentment.’ As a happy party girl, I identify with ‘get me bodied’ or the other million songs she’s made. Beyonce isn’t labeling herself as anything else but a “woman”, as she ALSO said in that 7 line except. If you don’t like her put a damn disclaimer before your comment.

    I’m not her biggest fan but I respect her hustle.

  • The Artist

    Getting tired of the word feminist (or it being thrown around, rather). It’s so overused and the identifiers always seem to be at each others throats over the true meaning. Now it seems, anyone can call lay claim to it… a popularity fad, perhaps.

    On another note, I love Bey but I think her Marketing/PR team is at work, here. Just in time for her new single.