Black Girls Who Stay Blonde
Not everyone can pull off blonde hair. From honey-tinged to golden butter to platinum, which is the color Nicki Minaj just started rocking (yay or nay, Clutchettes?), there’s a rainbow of hues in the blonde family. Whether you are considering going blonde for a season or a lifetime, there are plenty of way to change up your ‘do. Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration from our favorite blonde celebrities.

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  1. kelly

    blonde hair looks good on king B.. To me it always made her look like shakira twin

  2. Mademoiselle

    How to avoid BW (for people like Spiritual who obviously haven’t figured it out yet):

    Step 1: stop typing Clutch’s url into your web browser…

  3. politicallyincorrect

    Other than Eve and Emeli Sande the rest of the women need to go back to dark hair