If there’s one thing we learned from the Rick Ross ordeal, where he spit rape lyrics and was dropped from his contract with Reebok after protests and petitions, it’s that you can best combat irresponsible rap lyrics by hitting rappers where it hurts: in their pockets. The family of Emmett Till is following suit by taking acting against the Pepsi-backed Mountain Dew company, which endorses Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne drew their ire by referencing the civil rights icon in a lyric on Future’s “Karate Chop (Remix).” Wayne rapped [he’ll] “Beat the p—y up like Emmett Till,” likening the teenage black boy who was mercilessly beaten to death for whistling at a white woman in 1955 to his alleged sexual prowess.

Though Epic Records (Future’s label) pulled the lyric from the song, Lil Wayne has not yet apologized for the crude lyric. In response to Wayne’s silence, representatives from the Till family are going for his sponsors:

“We also support blocking and banning the endorsements. His biggest endorsement is through Pepsi’s Mountain Dew. Stop buying it, stop lining his pockets. People are outraged because they feel that he should apologize to our family.”

Their plan of pressuring Mountain Dew to get the company to drop Wayne’s sponsorship may prompt the rapper to finally acknowledge the error of his ways and apologize.

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  • Tina

    Even beyond the Emmett Till reference, I can’t understand why any reputable company would be associated with Lil Wayne. Has anyone at Pepsi ever listened to his material? I downloaded one of his albums because it was .25 on Google Play and I couldn’t even listen to that mess because it was so foul.

  • …I am so happy somebody iz finally standing up to him….whatever the Till family does as far as this movement I will help them…..(Well, what will they be doing getting ppl to sign a petition against Mountain Dew or something??)…The Till family should let us know what they want us to do…..Anywayz….its so crazy LITTLEwaye hasn’t apologized yet….One thing the spirit of God dont like is a person who is too proud & not humble, one who thinks they are bigger than life, and 1 who thinks they cant b touched. Its crazy cuz he still making such distasteful muzik…….lol….mayb the Till family should have wrote that letter with music to go along with it cuz it seems that is the only thing that dummy can comprehend!!

    • anewvoice

      When will you STAND up for OUR communities? That should be more of the topic and not this rapper. Stop blaming and be about the CHANGE!

  • Mags