The ongoing conversation about race now has a soundtrack thanks to LL Cool J and country singer Brad Paisley. The two collaborate on the new track “Accidental Racist,” from Paisley’s ninth studio album Wheelhouse.

The song has been described as cringe-worthy by some and offensive by others, with a chorus that reads:

I’m just a white man comin’ to you from the south land tryin’ to understand what it’s like not to be. I’m proud of where I’m from but not everything we’ve done. It ain’t like you and me can rewrite history. Our generation didn’t start this nation. We’re still pickin’ up the pieces, walkin’ on eggshells, fightin’ over yesterday. Caught between southern pride and southern blame.

LL Cool J says the following on his featured verse:

“If you don’t judge my do-rag/I won’t judge your red flag. If you don’t judge my gold chains/I’ll forget the iron chains.”

Though critics claim it’s a publicity stunt at best and an ignorant attempt at addressing race at worst, Paisley maintains that his intentions are good.

He told Entertainment Weekly:

“I just think art has a responsibility to lead the way, and I don’t know the answers, but I feel like asking the question is the first step, and we’re asking the question in a big way. How do I show my Southern pride? What is offensive to you? […] This isn’t a stunt. This isn’t something that I just came up with just to be sort of shocking or anything like that.”

What do you think of the song, Clutchettes?


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  • ll cool j lost his damn mind.

    of course he can say he will “forget” those chains but the ancestors who were wearing them and living through that didn’t have the luxury. Absolutely disgusted.

    • cupcakes and shiraz

      Exactly. It’s easy for him to forget something he’s never experienced in the first place. And shameful that he wants to forget that our ancestors died so that he can enjoy the freedoms he has today.

  • IntellBlackman

    Just look at him in that pic. All he needs to do is bug out his eyes and he’d be a dead ringer for Stepin Fetchit. Ugggg! Sheer coonery. He disgusts me!!!