Mattel has responded to Karen Braithwaite, a mother from Harlem who started the online petition urging the toy manufacturer to create a line of Black Barbie party suppliers line. They have turned down her appeal, saying it would not be a profitable move for them due to a lack of interest by major retailers according to DNA Info.

The company spokesperson also cites marketing research panels that have yielded information that such a move won’t be lucrative for Mattel, saying: “As a result of historical performance, retailers buy what will have volume and performance in sales.”

The bottom line explanation won’t deter Braithwaite, who bravely creaeted her petition when 4 year-old Georgia asked for a black Barbie birthday party. When she found no supplies, Braithwaite lobbied for images that reflect her daughter and other little black girls in a petition on Change.org, which boasts more than 14,000 signatures to date.

Though Mattel has rejected her request due to “retailer interest,” Braithwaite will continue to fight to make change. She is requesting a sit-down with the company and says: “If Mattel truly wants to send a clear message that girls of color are not worthy of representation in the Barbie brand, then their continued inaction on this issue will do that.”


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  • Uncle Tom

    I don’t get it. White people can start companies. They never complain to black companies for diversity. Like everybody says, if Mattel doesn’t see profit in it, there’s your chance to start a business. I mean, there’s a need right?

  • Lanie B

    I’m glad you folk weren’t around for the civil rights movement. I suppose they were begging white people to vote, go to school, and not get lynched. Or, maybe they were standing up, being heard, and making people realize that change made sense.