Mayoral Candidate Admits To Past As A Prostitute

She made it from the bottom. Now she’s here, running for mayor in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Linda Fondren recently disclosed in an interview that she worked in a brothel.

“I was a working girl in a legal brothel over 30 years ago. It’s true, my husband was my client. My husband and I have been married for 28 years,” Fondren said.

In a recent interview with MSNews Now, the mayoral candidate explained her past and how it helps her in her candidacy:

Previous reports linked Fondren and her husband Jim Fondren to the Nevada brothel Sagebrush Ranch. Fondren confirms they did own the ranch until it sold in 1992. She admits she never expected her past as a prostitute to stay a secret forever, but she left it out of previous discussions to keep from embarrassing her family.

“I knew it would surface because it was around. I just didn’t think it would surface and I would be sitting here doing an interview with you today,” Fondren said.

She said she isn’t proud of what she did, but she doesn’t have regrets.

“My story is exactly why I’m running for mayor because I want to give other people better choices than what I had,” Fondren said. “I want people to understand you can turn your life around. I turned my life around and so it definitely can happen for others as well.”

Fondren’s admission came the same day the famous owner of a Nevada brothel came forward to say he knew the Fondrens from the brothel business. Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch, which is located next to Sagebrush Ranch, said he’s endorsing Fondren for mayor and he’s proud of her accomplishments.

“What she did here was legal, safe, and well regulated. Nevada sets a progressive social example for the rest of the country by legalizing prostitution, and as the poorest state in the nation, Mississippi would be well advised to follow Nevada’s lead and stimulate their economy in the process,” Hof said.



MSNewsNow.com – Jackson, MS



Do you think her past should be an issue as a mayoral candidate?

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