• Meh. I expected more from these two. A song about drinks whether sung by T-Pain or Miguel is still superficial music.

  • Hiccups

    Both of my dudes on one track. I been waiting.

    That Miguel joint was already ill, now it’s got Short Set and Timbs K.Dot on it too!

  • Kay

    It’s a nice little summer jam. I like it!

  • ckimyonw

    This song seems date-rapey…good video though

    • Child, Please

      I realized that, too after I gave it a second listen, but I don’t know how many people will catch on to that. I’m guessing folks may justify it by saying he’s asking, when in reality, it’s just a guessing game.

  • RenJennM

    Miguel and K.Dot??? YES! I’ll take it!