Miguel, Miguel, Miguel. I really like that kid. The Grammy award-winning crooner took to the stage on Saturday Night Live over the weekend with his band. He did a more grunge-like version of his hit song “Adorn” and also did a funk/rock/back to the funk rendition of “How Many Drinks.”  The latter (Which by the way, have you heard the dope remix featuring Kendrick Lamar?) performance is where Miguel really took it there.

Miguel is a great performer period. If you see him live, he always gives a show and it’s obvious that he takes pride in his music.  To see a singer/songwriter stretch his legs a bit and play around with different sounds for a popular song is refreshing. There’s a musicality to his songs and performances that you don’t see very often in today’s world of superstar studio singers and production that is little more than a throbbing bass line.

With the “How Many Drinks” performance, Miguel is giving these other singers a lesson in how to entertain. Hopefully someone is taking notes. He literally dropped the mic at the end of the song. I’m here for that.


Check out both performances below. What do you think of this version of “How Many Drinks” ?

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