A missing Chicago infant has not been found, but authorities believe he was killed and dumped in a knapsack in an undisclosed area. ABC Chicago is reporting one-year-old Bryeon Hunter was beaten to death with a belt and plastic hangers by his mother Lakeisha Baker and her boyfriend Michael Scott. The couple left him overnight in their apartment’s bathroom where he died from his injuries.

Baker and Scott concocted an unbelievable tale to cover their alleged crime. Baker, 22, called police April 16 and claimed she was abducted and beaten by three Hispanic men. She also told authorities her son was kidnapped, leading to the issuance of an Illinois Amber Alert. Police questioned both Baker and Scott Wednesday and immediately canceled the alert according to the Chicago Tribune.

Hunter’s mother told authorities she and her boyfriend beat the child because he wouldn’t stop crying and covered his mouth to prevent his grandmother from hearing his screams.

Prosecutors alleged the child’s grandmother, who lived in another apartment in the same building, yelled: “What’s going on up there” during the beating.

The Chicago Tribune reports Baker attempted to scrub her child’s death from the apartment, cleaning it thoroughly to remove all traces of the killing. She allegedly threw out hangers and towels and bleached the bathroom where the child died.

Baker claims Scott dumped the child in a river at First Avenue and Oak Street in Maywood, Ill. before concocting the story about the abduction. The couple rehearsed the tale and coerced Baker’s four-year-old son to memorize the story as well. Baker and Scott also called each other’s phones to make it appear as if they weren’t together at the time of the child’s death.

Scott called 911 April 16 around 2:15 p.m. to report the false abduction. Baker told authorities she was walking with her son to McDonald’s when they were both kidnapped. She claimed the three Hispanic men drove behind a Burger King, beat her leaving two black eyes, and abducted her child after dropping her off 6th Avenue and Main Street in Maywood, Ill.

Scott and Baker have both been charged with first-degree murder. Baker is being held without bond while bail was set at $750,000 for Scott.

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  • EnuffSaid

    I don’t think the mother was abused smdh. And even if she was it does NOT excuse her from murdering her 1-yr old son.

    Since she made up the story about being abducted, she probably beat herself (or had her boyfriend do it) to corroborate with the lie.

    This was a disgusting act of violence.

    Enough said.

    • mizthang76

      Well I thinks he beats her too and she is just stupid he killed the baby and she so stupid because she lives a man more than her kids how can you let a man kill your child beat your butt then help hide it she is a damn fool

    • Cate

      I also think she might have been covering for the boyfriend and that he could have threatened to kill her other child and her. Even if the police say they’ll protect her if she tells the story, she probably can’t rely on that. Also, the boyfriend probably has “friends” that he says will kill her other son and her, even if he is locked up. I really wish they could get her story.

  • Jambes Marks

    How can these people even think of themselves as human, killing a little child in such a manner?

  • flex

    I hope both burn in hell. There both wrong theres people. That want to. Have children. And cant she could have gave him. Up to a lovingly family. Who. Wants him.