President Obama was scheduled to be be the keynote speaker at an annual gala for Planned Parenthood on Thurday, but unfortunately he had to back out.  White House spokesman,  Jay Carney, announced the decision to cancel the keynote speech at the gala during his daily press briefing with reporters Wednesday. He said the President will still address Planned Parenthood and its supporters Friday morning.

Pro-life advocates were critical of  the President’s to appear at the fundraiser,  because of the high-profile trial in Philadelphia of an abortion provider, but  Carney said the schedule change was made “in order to allow him to spend more time with those injured and the loved ones of those lost in the deadly explosion in West, Texas.”

Mr. Obama is scheduled to speak Thursday afternoon at a memorial service for victims and family of the victims of the fertilizer-plant explosion in West, part of a long roller-coaster of a 24-hour travel schedule set for Wednesday evening through Thursday night.

Pro-life groups said Mr. Obama’s decision to switch his Planned Parenthood remarks to Friday morning, instead of canceling the event entirely, demonstrates his close ties to the abortion-rights group.

“President Obama swapping a Planned Parenthood fundraising gala Thursday night for an address on Friday shows that while he is certainly willing to avoid a photo of him at an abortion party while the nation mourns, he still refuses to distance himself from the nation’s No. 1 abortion provider and an industry that preys on women and defenseless children as exposed through the Gosnell trial and other atrocities,” Lila Rose, who heads the anti-abortion group Live Action, said.


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  • Anthony

    I’m glad he will still address the event.

  • jo

    I want to back this president, love him and his family but just can’t get with some of the things he supports.

  • So… Obama (still) supports Planned Parenthood, and was going to keynote for their gala. Shocker.

    Pro-lifers can find a bridge and get over it. Planned Parenthood does this nation a SERVICE. WE owe THEM. These people are keeping our teenagers parentless, keeping our mothers, sisters, and wives healthy, and keeping our masses informed about the birds and the bees. Obviously, the swap was a good call; mourning families > gala. But really, Obama knows who’s actually doing the work in this country. When pro-lifers start backing plans for universal sex ed, universal contraceptive access, universal preschool, universal maternity leave, universal health care, universal higher ed, etc, we can start talking about how much we care about “every life.” Oh, wait, PP already supports all of those things (and addresses about half of it themselves).

    We’re one of the only developed countries that still wants to talk about saving every damn fetus, but we’re also one of the only countries that wants that fetus to fend for itself the second it pops out of the womb (WIC? SNAP? Welfare? Get your own kid. No “entitlement” funding for you. This is America. Pull yourself up by your baby bootie straps).

    If you’re not going to raise that woman’s baby, why the hell are you going to guilt trip her for not keeping it? If every pro-lifer just went out and adopted babies that had no business being born in the first place, foster care would be obsolete. But, no. Conservatives’ mouths are still running and brown babies are aging out of the foster care system with no where to go every damn day. Well, except federal prison. But that’s an entirely different rant.