The Oxygen network has found a niche and it’s sticking to it. First there was the Bad Girls Club, that went from counseling “troubled” women, to now encouraging drunken brawls. Then there’s the Bad Girls need love  show, which takes previous stars of the Bad Girls Club and attempts to help them find love. Well now they’re bringing in a professional. Natalie Clarice is the owner and CEO of a boutique matchmaking company, Heart and Soul International, in Miami and she plans on dishing out tough love to several  women on “Find Me My Man”.

In a recent interview with EURWeb, Clarice explains what her goals are for the show:

“I’m a relationship educator. I educate women on how to identify real love and learn how to establish or maintain a healthy meaningful relationship with their male partner with a clear understanding that love feels good and when it hurts it’s not right.”

“First of all make sure he does have an occupation, a career. That’s number one. He doesn’t necessarily have to be a doctor or lawyer, but make sure he does have a career or a job with longevity; make sure that he comes from a very good healthy background because a person is a product of their environment.”

“So, you know, this is the thing that I tell women all the time – see what kind of relationship he has with his parents. See if there is any relationship with his parents. You just want to see exactly where he comes from. It’s very important that women pay attention to a person’s character, making sure that they have values, morals, ethics, integrity.”

“In the show you will hear me tell them (women) once a guy, you know, has sex with you a few times that’s old. It’s old. You know after they hit it, flip it, whatever they do, I say it’s old. I say after that there needs to be something else that they can look at you and say she can really make me a better person. For some reason women really underestimate men. Don’t get me wrong. Yes. We know men think about sex. Okay. That’s since the dawn of time. It’s bigger than sex for men especially when they’re looking for you to be somebody really significant in their life.”


 “Find Me A Man” premiered last night, did you watch it?

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  • As far as a TV reality show, hmm…I would say “No” to this or only consider it as entertainment. I think people have to build towards a long-lasting relationship. Nothing in a 30-minute episode is going to teach them that.

    Networks are reaching for reality shows is what this is. As I always say, what is next?

  • Chic Noir

    I am so sick of this matchmaker stuff ESP when it’s marketed to Black women. Real talk, there are reasons why women are finding it increasingly difficult to find husbands.

    1. Fewer men make enough to support a wife & child and I think this the largest piece of the puzzle. Probably about 60%. In poor neighborhoods look at the unemployment rate of the men living there. If a man can not take care of his family, there is a chance he will desert the family at some point.

    2. Pu**y is cheap. Some women will sleep with a man after knowing him for only a few hours. Thereby taking away the awareness and coldness of going to a professional sex worker. So if mostly what he wants is sex, why would or should he wait three months for you and I?

    3. Some women are willing to play the wife role without the papers and not only that, pay half of the household bills, raise his children, screw the guy and clean up after him.*

    4. Porn, it’s everywhere. No more seedy shops on the bad side of town. It’s all over the Internet which you can access anywhere.

    5. A good-looking,educated,socially well adjusted Black man can live the life of a buck**or giggalo if he chooses to. Combine that with a dash or two of self hatred and the sisters are SOL when it comes to getting a ring from this type of brotha.

    * if you need to know why this is a bad idea check out what ole Roscoe Orman did to his “wifee”

    **check the dark side of Craigslist ladies or look for cuckold sites.

    • Chic Noir

      *Awkwardness & coldness of going to a sex worker*

      I hate typing on an iPhone.

    • The Comment

      LMAO!!!!! *tears AND stitches*

      Just break the chit all the waay down. and I do mean all




    • Chic Noir

      @the comment- well it’s the truth.
      *shrugs shoulders*

      Sisters need to know what we are up against.

  • Kristi Gilmore

    I started watching the show since the very first episode. I still watch it. I do find it entertaining, but yet as a single black woman I still might learn something. I aslo used to watch Millionaire Matchmaker. I say used to due to the fact that Patti’s filthy language on the show has become a major turn off. The word’s that have now become acceptable on TV is just appauling. I would like to continue to watch Find Me My Man, I just hope it doesn’t begin to use such tasteless, and juvenile words. Regardless of reality or entertainment, it can still be viewable without the bleeeeping all the time.