StyleLikeU – an online community where fashion is an “amalgam of an individual’s passion, imagination, and self-expression” – hosts a popular Roundtable series featuring celebrities tackling social fashion ills. Previous discussions have included black women’s hair, androgyny and perceptions of modern femininity.

Eve was a featured panelist in the most recent StyleLikeU Roundtable. The topic of discussion was self-esteem and body image, two crucial topics often reproached in the fashion world.

The Grammy Award-winning MC explained how the music world’s obsession with weight fostered her negative body image. Though the women she was raised with were “feisty with a fat ass,” wedging into sample designer digs changed the former Ruff Ryder’s perception of beauty.

Eve recalls almost passing out at an awards show because her dress constricted her breathing. The 34-year-old went to a bathroom and took the dress down to keep from fainting. Her stylist convinced her to wear the gown, though he knew it didn’t fit properly.

The Philadelphia-native’s esteem issues also extend to her behind.

“I struggle with my booty,” Eve said. “And it started when I was 15.”

Large butts are sometimes considered a curse in a male-dominated world where “big butts and a smile” are poison but are also revered. This hasn’t stopped Eve from pining for a more-toned posterior.

Eve told the roundtable she’s gone to trainers and resorted to squats, but she’s still unsatisfied with her behind. At least she hasn’t resorted to fix-a-flat.

The former “Eve” actress’ latest LP “Lip Lock” will be released on May 14.

Have you ever struggled with your body image?

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  • I believe the best way to combat body image issues is to stop using other people as a measuring stick. Women are groomed for “a job well done” approval..and it worsens as we age…but we all have to learn how to reprogram ourselves to be ok with ourselves so that we aren’t walking around in shame or embarrassed to accept our own unique beauty.

    I know that self-acceptance sounds cliche but really is your most powerful asset in combating the onslaught of beauty “shoulds” that woman are bludgeoned with daily.

    Woman have got to love themselves for who they are. Flaws. Warts and all. Period. Cause if you don’t accept you no one else will.

    How do I do it? Through my spiritual connection. My relationship with God let’s me know that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made and that I’m loved beyond measure. If I didn’t have that connection I would always be the victim of someone else’s disapproval when it came to my looks.

    • Bells&Whistles

      Amen to that!