Juanita Bynum

Rev. Juanita Bynum, a self-identified prophetess, gospel musician and televangelist, can also add “short-term inmate” to her impressive resume. The “empowerment lecturer” was arrested April 18 for failure to appear in a Dallas, Texas civil proceeding according to the Dallas Morning Newscrime blog.

The Dallas Crime Blog reports Bynum was arrested around 10:30 p.m. April 18 and spent the night in the Lew Sterett Justice Center. She was released the following morning after appearing before a judge.

Bynum was ordered to pay $140,000 to ALW Entertainment, promoter Al Wash’s company. She didn’t perform in a play he compensated her for and he was awarded the judgment against her in 2007. Bynum was ordered to repay Wash in installments, but she has not paid the judgment. This defiance led the judge to order her to return to court. The judge issued a warrant for her arrest when she failed to appear at that hearing.

Though the situation remains unresolved, Bynum and Wash’s attorneys hope the case is settled soon. David Small, Wash’s attorney, told the crime blog he anticipates recuperating the due funds soon.

“[Juanita] has disclosed the whereabouts of her assets and her business dealings,” he explained.

It appears that Wash will receive his 140 racks soon.

This isn’t the first controversy Bynum has been involved in. Her former husband, Rev. Thomas Weeks, assaulted her in 2008. He pled guilty and was sentenced to probation, anger management counseling and community service. The couple divorced in June 2008.

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  • Monique

    She was the one “typing in tongues” on Facebook. I can’t with her.

    • Starla

      @Monique..I almost fell off my chair at the typing in tongue. Is that shyt even possible? I need to see that Facebook page..OMG! I have officially heard it all…roflmbao

  • Blue

    Doesn’t the bible tell you to obey the laws of the land? What was so hard about showing up in court? Now you have more troubles….

  • Andrea

    This a false claim against her, the actual person who filed the claim is not even in the report. Some one was hating on her. Go to her website and read what actually happened. She is a woman of GOD, I know for fact, because I seen it with my own eyes. Thank you.

    • Adrienne

      This is not a “false colaim. If you go to the county website you can find the claim there. Just because you are a woman or man of God does not mean that you cannot be sued. SMH. She had a court appearance that she knew nothing about? Wasnt that her attorney’s responsibility to inform her that she had a court date? The lawsuit does not just disappear. She is blaming everyone else for her mistakes. A woman of God does not do that. Its the attorney’s fault, its Releve Enertainment’s fault. If she was paid to perform and she did not then she should return the money. Plain and simple. Of course the media will always embellish on a story, but the foundation of this story is true. Ms. Bynum is trying to deflect.