It’s ironic that on a day when Beyoncé’s Pepsi commercial debuts, which brings to mind old school Janet Jackson with its mirrored studio, energetic routines and dance-pop beats, rumors surface that Ms. Jackson may be retiring from the industry.

The music and dance icon, who recently revealed she married Wissam Al Mana a year ago, is reportedly stepping away from music and Hollywood. She’ll be moving to the Middle East, focusing on philanthropic endeavors and enjoying her life as a loving wife.

Though her die-hard fans will hate to see her go, Janet Jackson has certainly earned the right to make a graceful exit. Over the course of her illustrious career, she’s won five Grammys, starred in feature films and sold over 100 million records.

She’s weathered countless media storms from “Nipple-gate” at the Superbowl (which many think derailed her career) to the recent family troubles the Jacksons endured followed the death of Michael Jackson.

If she wants to leave the grueling entertainment industry behind and live a quiet peaceful life with her husband, I’m all for it. I look forward to tributes to her at future award shows from the many artists who are inspired by her from Beyoncé to Ciara.

What do you think of these rumors, Clutchettes? If they’re true, are you sad to see Janet go?

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  • Anthony

    As much as I agree that Timberlake screwed Jackson over, I suspect she would have seen her best days by now anyway. She was never a “great” singer, and the era of the huge video dance spectacular is over. Finally, a woman in her mid forties who has been married three times singing about maybe waiting for the first time is just a little silly.

  • Tim

    You know Janet is the best! Madonna wouldn’t have been scorned with that nipple slip because she is white. Blacks are treated differently period! Beyonce better watch her back(front) because they will do the same to her. Janet is so talented and she has so much more to give us. People are fickle and they go with whatever floats in the wind. Janet is a true talent. I am happy for her and I wish the best for her! I honestly think that she is recording a new album with Jimmy and Terry and she will release something slamming to us fans. Janet loves her career and she is the best! She is secretly getting to storm on us! Go Team Janet!!! She is going to release a single that will shoot to number one! DON’T MESS WITH MS. NASTY!!!!! :)

    • I think she is getting ready to blow everyone away is going to be crazy thats what happens when she takes a break. OMG I CANT WAIT.¡!¡!