When Rick Ross’ well-worded third apology for his rape lyrics hit the internet last week, not many people were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It turns out those skeptics were right in believing Ross’ sudden expression of remorse wasn’t genuine.

Less than a week after being dropped from Reebok, it appears Rick Ross is striking back at the brand with a passive aggressive instagram post wearing Air Jordans, bearing the tagline “Another day at the office. #DoubleM.”

Via The YBF:

Sources close to Rick revealed that he stands to lose between $3 to $5 Million bucks because he was getting a check everytime he wore the shoes….so now he’s pissed.

His friends told TMZ that he thinks he should have been offered “corporate forgiveness” since he made the brand relevant in the hip hop game again.

Should these claims be true, Rick Ross has decided to attack Reebok by supporting a competitor instead of taking responsibility for his rape rap and half-assed apologies.

It’s unfortunate that even after losing a lucrative sponsorship and inspiring protests and petitions, Rick Ross still hasn’t learned his lesson.

What are your thoughts on Rick Ross’ latest actions, Clutchettes?


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