Kenya Moore

I could care less about The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya being “Gone With The Wind fabulous,” and her booty shape-up DVD battle going on with co-star Phaedra Parks, but what’s really good about Miss Kenya is her amazing hair.

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  • I’ve never seen rhoa and don’t know anything about her personality but I think she is gorgeous.

    Also, you do realise “I could care less” means you actually do care. I’m guessing you meant “I couldn’t care less…”

  • MommieDearest

    Her hair is amazing. I’ve always thought she was gorgeous. When she won Miss USA my first thought was that she looks like a Barbie doll dipped in chocolate. LOL!!!

    I’ve caught glimpses of her on RHOA (my husband watches it *eye roll*), and I PRAY that it’s all an act for the camera. However, whether it’s “real” or not, the camera can only work with what you give it. Once you make the decision to feed into the stereotype for dollars, all bets are off.

    I peeked at the reunion show for a minute and all of those sisters looked STUNNING. I think it’s so sad to have that much beauty covering up a bunch of ugliness (at least, as it’s portrayed to us) on the inside.

    Anyway, back to the hair… It looks great, so healthy and thick. Kenya and Oprah know how to keep their manes rocking.

  • Beauty

    Actually, Kenya Moore’s hair is not chemically straightened! She did try a keratin treatment once though and liked it. She said so in a recent interview. Also, it’s all hers! Wendy Williams “rooted” her on her last visit to the show as she sat on the couch. It looked about as long as it is shown on the pictures as it did for her interview that day too. The only chemicals she claims to have altered it with are those for color.

    I’m really happy about this. As a “natural hair” wearer who occasionally wears heat straightened hair, I can’t wait to see what her new hair care line is all about. I hope she caters to both textures since she also deals with both everyday. Don’t know if it’ll be available on her website, Amazon or big box stores like Target & Walmart. I think I heard her hint at the later once or twice. Don’t know when it’ll be available either, outside of her continually saying “soon”. Maybe sometime during the next RHOA season? Can’t wait to try it either way.

  • simplyme

    I wonder if she goes tanning…. How does she always have that “its summer and I’ve been at the beach all day” bronzy goddess look? I don’t know much about her but I’d take some beauty tips any day of the week.

  • Really Kenya Moore is a beauty. You may love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Kenya Moore has beautiful gorgeous hair, her hair is relaxer-free but colored and she chooses to wear it straight.