Women of color are in constant need of figurative and literal spaces where our concerns are addressed and our camaraderie is encouraged. The Society for Professional Women of Color, Inc. is one organization rising to meet that continual challenge.

The Society for Professional Women of Color, which was founded by childhood friends Jocelyn Tejeda and Sherry Williams, launched April 3. Their mission to “rebuild, reshape and redefine the achievement of personal excellence for today’s woman of color” is both plausible and commendable given the large numbers of successful, driven women of color emerging from college campuses and the school of hard knocks.

SPWC was founded after a successful networking event for women of color and evolved into a larger organization that curates partnerships and mentorships. Some of the initiatives to achieve these goals include Scholarships to Educate and Empower Determined Sisters (S.E.E.D.S), a program that offers scholarships to low-income women of color; the BeYOUtiful Summit, an empowering daylong event for girls ages 10-to-18 that encourages mentorship and self-confidence; and Living Out Loud, a series of workshops and educational seminars for professionals and entrepreneurs. SWPC also has a mentoring program, a forthcoming member directory, and an exclusive social forum.

SWPC offers three-tier memberships. The “Emerging Network” is free and offered to college students, women 18-to-21 and those continuing their education. The “Evolving Network” is for entrepreneurs, young professionals and entry to mid-level professionals. The “Empowered Network” is for seasoned business women that have been pushing for more than five years as well as business owners and senior-level managers and directors.

All of the memberships come with four perks:

Personal Development

Identify and improve potential goals through modern and traditional practices, such as mentoring and educational trainings. Embark on a holistic journey as a woman through health and fitness programs, positive affirmation, and meet like minded women and foster optimistic interpersonal relationships.

Professional Development

Engage in shared inquiry and learning with women who have a common goal. Through intensive and collaborative efforts, facilitate learning opportunities; attend a series of workshops, symposiums, seminars and conferences to expand your professional growth.

Civic Leadership

SPWC recognizes the leader in us all and the ability to change the direction of our society by giving back.  Empowering our members with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and experience they need to become active members as community leaders.

Network and Connect

Broaden your circle of contacts, develop new business and professional ideas, collaborate with women from diverse field, and establish meaningful relationships that will enhance you personally and professionally.   Take part in our member-only networking events and create joint ventures and lifelong partnerships.

The mantra for SWPC is simple. “When you stand in your vision with all feet and both hands, you realize that this and a deferred dream, cannot occupy the same space!”

I can’t argue with that.

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