Redeem the Dream

The National Urban League released its annual State of Black America report on April 10. It is disheartening and dismal. The non-profit organization concludes that equality between black and white Americans hasn’t improved much since 1963, which is considered the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

The State of Black America – Redeem the Dream: Jobs Rebuild America is commemorating the 50 anniversary of the Great March on Washington by including a “retrospective analysis conducted through the lens of The Equality Index®” according to PR Newswire.

Overall the report shows minimal improvement in black America, particularly in education and employment.

  • More blacks are finishing high school. The completion gap has closed by 57 percentage points.
  • There are more than triple the number of Blacks enrolled in college compared to 1963.
  • Fewer blacks are living in poverty. This number declined by 23 points.

However, there is still a widening achievement and wealth gap between blacks and whites. Some of the startling findings include:

  • The Black-White income gap has only closed by 7 points. It is now at 60 percent.
  • The unemployment gap is still at 52 percent, which is only a 6 point decline.
  • No improvement has been made in the unemployment ratio. It is still two-to-one, as it was in 1963.

Marc H. Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League contributes this lack of progress to budget-cutting in Washington.

“As the budget debate continues in Washington on whether to cut critical program funding, the State of Black America 2013 highlights a harsh reality: budget-cutting fever will cause economic pneumonia,” he said in the report. “If we are to move toward lasting economic recovery and full equality and empowerment, we must apply sustainable solutions — keenly focusing on jobs for all Americans and closing the gaps that result in a ‘tale of two Americas.”

Chanelle P. Hardy, SVP for Policy and Executive Director of the Urban League’s Policy Institute, agrees. “This year’s State of Black America report underscores that employment remains the biggest barrier to equality in our country,” she said in the report. “The National Urban League will continue to push for policies that support job growth now and for the next generation—such as the Urban Jobs Act and the Project Ready STEM Act.”

What do you think is impeding the progress of Black America?

State of Black America

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  • Anon realist

    It’s time to stop blaming others for your failures. It’s easy to get ahead in America. Wake up, go to work, repeat. Save some money instead of buying the latest shiny objects. Stop glorifying things like thuggery. I have to laugh when I see this as a sidebar to this article.

    “F*ck A B!tch, Get a New Ho”: Snoop Reflects on Pimp Life

    Start looking into the mirror for a solution to your problems. It’s not about budgets in DC. Visit PG county in Maryland. Lots of blacks there have figured out how to get ahead. It’s time for the rest of the bunch to get on the bandwagon and leave the excuses behind.

  • Ronald Creel

    Looks to me as if Lyndon Johnsons Great Society and all that came with it is a huge failure. Affirmative action tells us that standards have to be lowered for minorities to compete with whites. I believe that this has been the biggest factor, standards should be raised and people be expected to raise themselves up to a higher level. The powers that be think the opposite. Instead of lifting people up these practices hold them down and gives one the impression they are not as good as others. In turn this feeling of lowered self worth brings about crime, drug use and lowered expectations. Tell people that all one needs is drive; hard work; determination and a good education to succeed. Then of course we have to get the schools back to teaching the basics instead of all the sex ed;socialism, and all the other BS that passes for education these days.

  • Grendelwolf

    Yes Reaganomics ( AKA the Trickle Down Effect) was a failed experiment, it help the economy for awhile and now it’s falling back on it’s face. Lets not forget the Presidents that came after that continued to erode this country into even more of a pit. Obama is probably the worst since Regan with his enforcement of the Welfare State, Obamacare, Obama Phones, etc while breaking the U.S record for pissing the most American tax dollars on vacations. Why should Blacks strive to get out of poverty when Liberals give them free housing, food, etc at the tax payers expense?

    As for the ” New Jim Crow” I hope your joking. Commit the crime, do the time. Let’s not forget the many victims of our Judiciary System that allows Blacks to get off early, or get a slap on the wrist for crimes that should constitute a life sentence. I read about it all the time, a Black with multiple felonies is back on the street again and ends up killing someone. It seems to be racist to fully convict any Black of a felony and force them to serve a full or life sentence. An example of this, Shermain Miles that has been arrested almost 400 times in 38 years under 86 different aliases. Her crimes include robbing an elderly man at knife point, burglary,assault, drug possession, etc. And yet they keep letting her go free.
    The Black Panthers get arrested for Voter intimidation and set free with so much as a slap on the wrist. If the KKK or any White did that, they would be thrown in jail for life.

    The system does not rip Fathers away from their children, Criminal Fathers do it to themselves. If I go out and rape, rob, or kill someone there is no one else to blame but me. I made that decision, so I must pay for it. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions, something that Blacks fail to do.

    Who is at fault when a Black Woman has 5+ bastard kids by 5+ Black Men when she can barely afford to feed herself? Who is at fault when a Black robs a store, mugs someone, plays the ” knockout” game? Who is at fault when a group of Black kids ( AKA Youths) gather together in large numbers and tare their own neighborhoods apart, attack Whites, Rob, etc? Who is to blame when a Black gets pulled over and is found with Crack or other illegal substances? It’s not the Whites fault, Blacks choose to make those decisions, and with bad decision making comes consequences. Blacks need to take responsibility and stop blaming everyone else.

    The MSM even refuses to report on Black crimes. A man shoots a Black teen in self defense it becomes a National headline. Two Black teens attempt to rob a White Woman and shoots her 13 month baby in the face in cold blood, no one hears about it. The Wichita Massacre, the Zebra Killings, etc no one hears about it.

    In this failed economic times, Blacks and Women have it easier when it comes to jobs over a White Male. It’s called Affirmative Action, the only modern law in the U.S that discriminates against race and gender. Who knows how many White Males have been denied a job over a less qualified Black or Woman. Look at the test to become a Fire Fighter or a Fire Chief. Blacks only have to score a 75 or higher to qualify, Whites have to score a 95 or higher, even standards have been lowered for Blacks in the work force.
    How about the Black College Funds, Grants, etc. How about the fact that Colleges award Blacks an extra 115 points onto SAT scores so they qualify for admittance? Hell, a Black just has to prove they have good leadership skills and do some extra curricular actives, and they can slide right in to a good College regardless of GPA. Whites don’t have this luxury.

    On this I leave the readers here with this question. If Blacks have more advantages than Whites in this country, and yet Blacks are still failing in life, who is to blame?

  • Met with an Urban League Tech person and he was so Obamafied I could not explain what this man is doing to us with his policy in the Obama Care issue. He told me to prove it online, I told him I see it hurting my mother and grandmother NOW, well he found articles online that said this medical plan was good and even republicans approve, WHAT? It punishes me, taxes me and even doctors are jumping ship because of this and my niece just lost full time employment because of it, so I should be O.K. with it because he is black? WOW, my thoughts of the urban league were right and scary, they are over programs in my neighborhood…..