think-like-a-manIt’s the sequel you’ve all been waiting for….I’m sure….well maybe not. But it’s coming anyways. “Think Like A Man Too” is set to begin production later this year.

According to Shadow & Act, the sequel has a release date set for May 30, 2014.  The original movie, based on Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like A Lady..Think Like A Man”, was made on a “shoe string” budget of $12 million but grossed over $91 million.

The sequel will have Will Packer return as the producer, and Steve Harvey, of course, will be the executive producer. No word has been released yet on if the same cast will be involved.

Since I didn’t see the first movie, or even read the book, I’ll refrain from making any snarky judgments about either. But for a film to gross $91 million is a pretty huge accomplishments, and probably allowed Steve Harvey to purchase more zoot suits. I joke. I kid.


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  • NO. No. NO. NO. The movie was lackluster at the very least. Too damn simplistic and basic. Only basic people need to be educated on those things.

    The book was good, but then again, I read it when I was a naiive 18 year old who would believe anything anyone told me.

    Please no. We have got to produce something better than middle-aged, rom-coms that deal with the same damn on issues and have the same old endings.

    Shoot, I already know what this movie is about and I haven’t seen the trailer yet. Ugh.

    • Hiccups

      Would you prefer the movie deal with an abusive boyfriend, god fearing girlfriend, and the local town junkyard worker who saves her life? they go to church together and he eventually marries her and supports her 5 kids?

  • I support it.

    So long as I don’t see Steve or his mustache, I’ll support it. This is the closest thing to a good black movie since the 90s/00s

  • Joy

    I can’t wait for movie to come out. It’s good to see reflections of us on the big screen. We need to stop being negative about successful people. And NO I’m not saying we have to like everyone, or everyone’s work. Steve is on a roll, and I for one ain”t mad at him. Continued success Steve

    • I so agree with you. I don’t want every movie to be a ROOTS. Sometimes I just want to sit back and laugh. There’s something about our people that seem to require every artisan to be about what we want individually. I didn’t know it made that much money. But I had a good laugh and would watch a #2. I wish we could learn to lighten up. Of all the directors and producers that I like, I certainly don’t like everything they make. But I, too, love to see us on the big screen.

  • The first one was really good, looking forward this one.

  • Hiccups

    I’m excited to see this. The first one, showed that we as blacks can also make a fun romantic comedy dealing with male and female relationships regardless of race.

    Judd Apatow shouldn’t get all the romantic comedy fans money, damn.