think-like-a-manIt’s the sequel you’ve all been waiting for….I’m sure….well maybe not. But it’s coming anyways. “Think Like A Man Too” is set to begin production later this year.

According to Shadow & Act, the sequel has a release date set for May 30, 2014.  The original movie, based on Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like A Lady..Think Like A Man”, was made on a “shoe string” budget of $12 million but grossed over $91 million.

The sequel will have Will Packer return as the producer, and Steve Harvey, of course, will be the executive producer. No word has been released yet on if the same cast will be involved.

Since I didn’t see the first movie, or even read the book, I’ll refrain from making any snarky judgments about either. But for a film to gross $91 million is a pretty huge accomplishments, and probably allowed Steve Harvey to purchase more zoot suits. I joke. I kid.


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