Tyler Perry Says Orlando Jones’ Joke Isn't True Or Funny

Orlando Jones as Madea

Tyler Perry has spoken. So what it only took him 15 days to comment about Orlando Jones’ claim that he was going to put on the infamous Madea moo-moo after Tyler finishes prancing around in it.

On April Fool’s Day, Orlando Jones tweeted that he was taking over the role of Madea and fans everywhere were in an uproar. Tyler Perry never confirmed or denied what Jones said, so that left people wondering if it was actually true.  Don’t worry folks, it was just a joke. A very unfunny  joke according to Perry.

In a recent text message to S2S magazine’s Jamie Foster Brown, Perry wrote, “That was an April Fool’s joke that HE did. Not true. And not funny.”

Oh Madea Tyler, is your girdle too tight? That was probably funnier than anything Madea has ever done, but that’s just my opinion.

In any event, I’m sure Perry has no plans on retiring Madea. He’s going to ride that wagon until her his replacement hip falls off.

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  • OhPuhleezee

    I didn’t take it seriously. After that SNL skit, if anyone is going to play Madea it’s gotta be Jaime Foxx. LOL

  • anything that annoys TP is good wit me….

    • Anthony

      For sure, TP wouldn’t get anything that wasn’t super obvious for the life of him.

    • Would like to understand.

      What do people have against TP? I mean it in all seriousness, can someone explain this to me?

    • Daphne

      I don’t think anyone has anything against Tyler Perry personally (well I don’t) but his movies are consistently awful and very problematic, in my opinion anyway.

  • we feel the same way about Madea

  • Jackie

    Yuck, Yuck…that was NOT FUNNY. Orlando has no idea how close he came to being the BUTT of this joke. Madea fans were not laughing! Silly Rabbbit…

  • Carl Lempke

    The joke was not for Madea fans. It was for most of the rest of us who hate the minstrel show and Tyler’s BS embarrassing filmmaking. The joke was awesome and the dude needs to get a sense of humor.