It looks like Rick Ross’ rapey lyrics still have folks talking, and rightfully so.

Earlier this week, rappers Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco engaged in an enlightening and refreshing discussion about whether or not artists should release more responsible lyrics, and Tuesday evening Kweli and journalist dream hampton continued the debate.

Despite calling Ross’ lyrics, which detailed date rape, “unacceptable,” Hampton took Kweli to task for his assertion that fans should lovingly correct Ross because the former corrections officer is “a misguided 40-year-old person.”

What could have been another eye opening, refreshing tête-à-tête about misogyny in hip hop quickly turned into a public spat among friends.

Check some of the tweets.

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Read the entire twitter conversation here

Although their conversation seemed to get quite personal at times, with Kweli taking a shot at hamtpon’s Twitter hiatus after overzealous Beyonce fan’s took a jab at her daughter, their conversation was still necessary.

It is extremely important that we continue to hold Rick Ross’ feet to the fire for his heinous lyrics. Though he may have called them a “misunderstanding,” his words clearly encouraged date rape. Moreover, the fact that Ross claims he would never condone rape in his rhymes–after actually condoning rape his rhymes–is even more problematic.

While it is not the responsibility of rappers to parent our youth, Ross’ lyrics continue to muddy the waters about what behaviors actually constitute rape. And with folks like Tyler Perry still perpetuating the “no may mean yes” myth, our task to educate our young men about always getting a woman’s explicit consent before engaging in a sex act is absolutely crucial.

The statistics surrounding sexual violence in our communities are astounding. And with 60% of black girls having experienced some form of sexual assault before their 18th birthday, it’s imperative we continue to shine a light on this issue and have constructive conversations that lead to solutions.

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