2nd Grade Alopecia Sufferer Suspended From School

The family of a little boy with a debilitating skin disease says he’s told to stay home from school over a haircut.  Zion Williams, 8, suffers from alopecia, an auto-immune disease that causes patches of hair loss on the head, but after receiving painful treatments at Drexel University he has been able to re-grown his hair.

Philadelphia’s Shiloh Christian Academy has suspended the second grader last Wednesday for violating the schools “long hair” policy. 

In an interview with Fox 29, Zion’s mother, Talia said, “I think it’s heartless. It’s heartless that they would actually take him out of school because of something so simple as a haircut.”

It should also be noted that Talia presented the school with a doctor’s note requesting Zion to be exempt from the school policy because of his medical treatments. But the school’s administrator rejected it.

After Talia’s interview, Fox 29 attempted to contact the school’s principal for an on camera interview. But thanks to the persistence of Fox 29, after contacting the school via phone, Bishop Williams then acquiesced and allowed Zion to return to school on Tuesday.

I hope Zion marched back into school with a “Long Hair, Don’t Care” t-shirt on.

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  • ChaCha1

    That is so wrong and unreasonable. I swear some people don’t use their brains or hearts. And his hair isn’t even long! It looks like it *might* be about an inch long, if that much. And I could see if his mom was like some others who just had to have her son in braids *just because* she wanted it that way. It isn’t unheard of for school staff/administration to be unreasonable, unfair and mean to children with certain medical conditions. Don’t think that because some people work with or around kids that they love all kids and will treat them right.

  • JS

    Its ridiculous that the mom had the threaten a lawsuit for the poor boy to go back to school. Poor little thing, his hair wasn’t too long either. Some people can be so hateful.

  • Cat

    This is disgusting. The child is ill and the mother informed the school of his condition. He should not have been suspended. And damn, isn’t this a Christian school? Crazy.

  • Starla

    What a lil cutey. He is learning the hard way about the world we live in. I am sure the mother thought she was doing right by sending him to a “Godly” school and now this happens…kmt

  • Serenity

    Start looking for another school. If they fail this miserable at this….. what else is going on?