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  • Alicia looks so much like a young Lena Horne … classic beauty!

  • have the dark skin women with natural nappy hair gone extinct?

    • BeanBean

      dark skin does not equal nappy hair. The girl on Elle Canada is dark skin, but her hair is not nappy, naturally.

    • cb

      sorry, the girl on Elle Canada is NOT dark…look again please

  • Over 40 and killin’ it like nobody’s business, love you Naomi!!!!

  • talaktochoba

    now, why do they all look alike–impossibly (perhaps unhealthily?) slim, light-skinned, long flowing “Barbie” hair and TONS of makeup?

    must everything be caramel?

    is there no place for dark chocolate?

    • ….

      Naomi is dark chocolate & Alicia is not slim

    • Cia

      And Jordin Sparks is not unhealthy looking. All beautiful women!

    • wow naomi, ONE woman

    • beeembee

      Plus it looks like they lightened Naomi a bit. :/

    • & ppl usually wear tons of makeup mag covers

  • BeanBean

    Hey CLUTCH! I guess you forgot to include Kerry Washington, she’s on the cover of Elle US! How did they miss that one!