Two things confuse me about A$AP Rocky:

A) The pronunciation of his name. Is it a-sap, as in meaning “as soon as possible” or “A Dollar Sign A.P”?

B) His cornrows.

But in any event, A$AP recently responded to his red lipstick comments in an interview with a DC radio station. He said the incident was blown out of proportion and people took his comments too seriously:

“Black girls just, ah man, went crazy. They just took it how they took it. This is actually my second time talking about it cause I really don’t really look at it as an issue. If people get upset at that I think it’s petty at the same time. It’s like they d*mn near wanna Rick Ross boycott me right now, over some lipstick controversy. Black girls, you know how sensitive they are, but they our sisters man. It is what is man. I come from a black home, so I know how sensitive black women can be. Especially when you talking about they looks or something like that. You can’t say nothing about they glasses, they nails, none of that because then you’re a womanizer or you’re a racist. I don’t know how I’m going to be racist. I have to wake up and look at my black a** in the mirror everyday. It’s like, what are you talking about? But it is what it is, man. I’m proud to be black.” (KYSDC)

So he thinks women want to “Rick Ross” him? And  he knows how “sensitive” black women can be he sounds like a few of the guys who leave comments on this site.  So insightful.



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  • The Other Jess

    well, at least he still knows he’s Black, which is more than I can ay for half of these fools running around talking about Black women.

  • P.

    most closeted gays who can’t come out the closet lash out toward women

    this photo of ASAP is faaar from hetrosexual if you ask me

    kind of reminiscent of Slyvester

  • Sarah

    Why should black women take beauty advice from an extra on The Color Purple. Men pass the age of three should not wear braids or plaits, but that does not stop Celie.

    • Matt

      Maybe black women should take beauty advice from him. His hair is longer than most black women who wear their hair naturally.

    • Gone with the Wind Fabulous…Okay

      How black women wear their hair is THEIR business. So unless you’re a black WOman your sentiments are irrelevant. What black man besides a GAY one has anything to say about black women’s hair or makeup choices?

  • Hmmm… He doesn’t like red lipstick on certain women. I think he has a f*ckin problem. lol! Just kidding!

    Every shade isnt for everybody and I think thats what he meant. There are certain shades that compliment darker black women that others just cant pull off.

    • Nyrobi

      Ruby Woo by MAC compliments dark skin women just fine…and its red! So ASAP should of done his research!

  • Nyrobi

    He doesn’t get it…and are your surprised?