Interracial Cheerios

Most Cheerios commercials are marketed to families, using adorable children and blissful couples to endorse the wholesomeness of the cereal. It is difficult to discern how the latest Cheerios television advertisement differs from all of the others – except the couple portrayed is interracial with a black father, white mother and biracial children.

The release of the ad sparked a wave of discrimination on YouTube and other sites. Cheerios disabled YouTube comments to curb the onslaught of negative commentary, but screenshots live forever.

One comment read: “They want to throw white children and coloured children into the melting pot of integration, out of which will come a conglomerated, mulatto, MONGREL class of people! Both races will be destroyed in such a movement. I for one, under God will die before I’ll yield one inch…”

It was cosigned with dozens of up-votes.

Other platforms – including Reddit – were also bombarded with bigots. The comments ranged from “White guy here. It checks out” to “Finallym [sic] now that Cheerios has made a commercial with an interracial family we can all rise to a heightened state of enlightenment.”

It didn’t end there. There were also discussions about the black dad being lazy with high cholesterol as “all black dads are.” The comments on these sites reek Jim Crow and new-age Internet racism.

The Internet provides a platform for racists to hide behind computer screens and spew vitriol, but that isn’t stopping Cheerios from valuing its advertisement.

Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Cheerios, told Gawker, “Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all.”

Despite Gibson’s optimism, the response to the advertisement proves colorblind ideology will forever remain a wish.

What do you think of the response to the advertisement Clutchettes?

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  • ella

    So, I’m just wondering, after reading some of these comments, am I wrong to like the color of my skin? I mean, I personally have no problem with mixed races. Shemar Moore is a beautiful man ;). But, since I don’t necessarily wish to be “caramel” colored or “fantasize” about making caramel babies, I guess I’m in the wrong? I’ve dated outside my race and have never not dated someone because of their race. I have not necessarily “ruled out” having a mixed child, but I don’t really think about it either. So, according to some of the comments, I guess that makes me racist?

    Oh, and I thought the commercial was cute, but the white lady was a bad actor (I didn’t not like her because she was white, she just sucked).

    Oh, and… guess my race!

  • Xelaz Aughra

    Anyone who says this is about race is stupid. Quite frankly the race card is over used, worn out, and falling apart. Its not racist, its morally wrong. Im not here to change anyones opinion, but rather reinforce those who are like-minded as myself. I do not support inter-racial relationships or marriages.

  • as an Asian guy, I gotta say that BLACK PEOPLE have always been a strong entity in defending their images compared to ASIANS. Have you noticed all these commercials with Asian women and white men?? they are a really marketable ATTENTION GETTERS. Marketing is trying to use the Asian woman image as both, grabbing creepy older white dudes’ attention (The DULCOLAX commercial-product used for men over 50 who usually develop yellow fever).

    They always use Asian women in dating sites commercials usually in the beginning, to grab Asian fetish attention. (Trust me that Asian fetish is a bigger problem than it seems). A Subaru commercial where the Asian chick drives for the guy, goes out and buys him shit, hangs up all 400 of his shitty paintings and then in the end the white guy rudely tells his Asian wife its upside-down. Media is using and trying to form mens’ minds to later use Asian women to more EFFECTIVELY use subliminal messages to sell products.

    MOVIES- JUST THIS WEEK OPENING- WOLVERINE in japan is banging an Asian chick and the other movie opening this week- PACIFIC RIM- where another white guy is banging another Asian chick.

    BLACK PEOPLE have always been a strong entity in defending their image and making change. THEY DONT LET THE NEWS get away with making racist names in an ASIANA PLANE CRASH…. seriously ASIANS did absolutely nothing to the news station. And we do nothing when Hollywood MAKES US LOOK SO TERRIBLE IN MOVIES, NO WONDER ALL OF THE ASIAN WOMEN HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR OWN CULTURE AND THE ASIAN MEN

  • Buzz McNutsack

    It’s just become obnoxious. It’s impossible to even view an advertisement without having self-conscious multinationalism shoved down our throats. It’s obvious and insulting to all concerned.

  • tentantoes

    I am just creeped out at the elderly man and apparently his one quarter his age Asian wife. With a child.
    Always hated Cheerios anyway…